Jill Duggar Gets Romanced With Hot Anniversary Date At The Movies Without The Kids

Jill Duggar and her husband, Derick Dillard, just celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary on June 21. The former reality stars decided that they needed some alone time, so they dropped off their two boys, Israel and Samuel, with Derick’s mother to have their first overnight visit with her. Jill then sent out a hint on her Instagram on exactly what she and Derick did on their night alone together. They apparently went to see The Incredibles 2.

Jill and Derick are seen sitting in a local movie theater with tickets in hand along with a big container of popcorn ready to dive into. They looked happy to have some alone time together without their kids, but some people questioned why they would go to see a kid’s movie without their kids. Others pointed out that The Incredibles 2 actually had a few minor swear words in it and also depicted a bit of drinking as well.

As with any Duggar post, there are always people who end up either attacking the family or each other in the comments. The conversation on this post turned to arguing about whether this movie was appropriate for kids because of the swearing and drinking in it. Other comments were a bit more positive and congratulated them on their four years of marriage. One person did tease that their alone time together could result in baby number three.

The Duggar daughter shared a snapshot of herself getting ready for her hot date with her husband. She teased that she had a little helper while she was dolling herself up. Samuel is seen in the background having fun unrolling the toilet paper in the bathroom.

Derick also posted an anniversary letter on the Dillard Family blog telling his wife what she means to him. He called the past four years “a roller coaster.” He basically let her know what a great wife and mom she is and thanked her for investing in making their home “energizing.”

“I know it isn’t easy, but I’m beyond grateful for the investment you’re making in our home and the lives of our children. It doesn’t go unnoticed. After a long day, I look forward to going home because of the haven you have made it. Because of your hard work, our home is a place that’s energizing rather than draining, and I know that’s a rare thing in the society we live in.”

It seems that the Dillards have kept up with their social media now that they are no longer involved with TLC. They have in fact been quite active on both Twitter and Instagram recently. In the past, Derick has brought much controversy with his posts, but lately, it has been more of sharing his family moments with Jill and the boys.

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