Burger-Making Robot To Debut In San Francisco This June At ‘Creator’

A new burger chain is set to debut in San Francisco in June. Called Creator, the restaurant features an entirely robotic kitchen staff: everything from the grinding of the meat, the cooking, and placement of toppings is done by machines. The ingredients are premium and fresh and the price tag is good: people will enjoy these burgers at just $6 each. The restaurant is located at 680 Folsom St., according to Bloomberg. The human employees will restock ingredients, and concierge members will take orders.

Creator is the result of many years of work by highly skilled people. The restaurant has been in the same location for two years, where the Creator team worked to put together the amazing setup. The founder is Alex Vardakostas, who started working on the project in 2012. His team is comprised of engineers, designers, and roboticists from some of the biggest names in the industry, like Apple, Tesla, and NASA.

“It costs about $1.5 million on average to build a McDonald’s. The machine is way less than that,” Vardakostas said. His family business is in the burger industry, and Vardoakostas described how he was inspired to come up with the concept.

“When you make 400 of the same burger every day, you can’t help but think, ‘How would I make this experience better?'”

There will be four different burgers on the menu when they first open, all with distinct flavors, some with house-made sauces. However, once the app rolls out, people will be able to customize everything. From the milliliters of sauce, amount of cheese, and more, customers will have ultimate control over their burger of choice. Plus, the entire thing only takes the robot five minutes to make, which is quite quick.

The machine itself is about 14-feet long. It uses a combination of 20 computers and 350 sensors. At its optimal operation, it can churn out as many as 130 burgers in one hour, detailed SF Eater. And although some worry that the burger robot is an example of robots taking away human jobs, the restaurant will rely on human employees to ensure a smooth dining experience for everyone.

And for people who are conscious of the ingredients in their food, Creator will be a good place to stop by. They’ll be using hormone-free, pasture-raised brisket and chuck steak, according to TechCrunch. Just keep in mind that the restaurant will only be open on Wednesdays and Thursdays until it officially opens to the public later on.

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