WWE News: Sami Zayn Undergoes Surgery For Multiple Injuries, Likely Out Until Next Year

Sami Zayn has been dealing with multiple injuries for the last couple of months and he’s been fighting his way through them while continuing to work in the ring. Now, both Zayn and WWE have realized that it was time for him to get checked out by medical professionals before things get any worse. After heading down to Birmingham, Alabama, to get examined by Dr. James Andrews, the news wasn’t very good and the Monday Night Raw superstar is going to miss a lot of time.

As reported by Inquisitr earlier this week, Sami Zayn has been dealing with injuries to his knees and shoulder, but the exact severity of those problems hadn’t been known. Obviously, he was in decent enough shape to keep wrestling and he had chosen to not yet take the time off to heal.

Many fans noticed, though, that his recent feud with Bobby Lashley had lacked a lot of physical interaction during the build-up to their match. When they finally faced off at Money in the Bank, the match was kept short and it was rather one-sided with Zayn not doing much throughout.

On Thursday, the official website of WWE revealed that the news is actually much worse than anyone thought. Sami Zayn said he is in a lot of pain with injuries to both of his rotator cuffs with surgery for the first repair taking place on Thursday.

Now, it’s been confirmed that he likely won’t be back until early 2019.

Sami Zayn took the time to speak with WWE for the fans and he let the world know exactly what is going on with him. WWE called it a “surprise” to everyone, but Zayn knows the severity of the situation and what he’s going through.

“Well, right now I’m in Birmingham, Ala. I just underwent surgery for my right shoulder, a.k.a. my good shoulder. So, I’m out for a little while with that. I guess people don’t know about this injury; I’ve been working with it for some time. I don’t know exactly when I tore it. I think I tore it, or initially injured it, on a Montreal Live Event. Which is ironic because I injured my left shoulder — now somewhat famously — in Montreal in my [Raw] debut against John Cena. And at a Live Event this past August wrestling Jinder Mahal, I think I injured it then.”

Interestingly enough, the shoulder that Dr. James Andrews operated on isn’t even the worst of the two for Zayn. It will be a couple of months, but Zayn is due for surgery on his left shoulder as well.

“But then my left shoulder, a.k.a my bad shoulder, started to act up again as well. That shoulder hasn’t quite been the same since surgery anyway, so I had just kind of gotten used to the fact that that shoulder was the bad one. But it started to get progressively worse, so basically, long story short, it turns out I have two torn rotator cuffs. The left one and the right one are both torn. I just underwent surgery on the right one, and then in about six or seven weeks, I’ll be undergoing surgery on the left one, and hopefully I can come back healthy and happy.”

Surgery went well on Thursday and doctors actually said that it went “great,” according to Zayn. The pain he’s currently in is a “considerable amount,” but it will subside in a few days. From here, the hardest part is going to be the slow nature of the healing process and after that, rehabilitation.

Sami Zayn wasn’t deeply involved in any kind of huge feud before taking the time to be examined by medical professionals. It’s a good thing he went, though, as any further contact may have done serious damage and worsened his lingering injuries. For now, he is having multiple surgeries and taking the time to heal and rehab with the hope that’ll be able to return in time for WrestleMania 35 in 2019.

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