‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: ‘Winter Games’ Fan-Favorite Seemingly Confirmed To Be Part Of ‘BIP’ Season 5

Yuki Kimura won over viewers of Bachelor Winter Games this past winter, even though she didn’t find love on the funky franchise spinoff. Many had a hunch that she would be back in the future in some way and fans wondered if she might join Bachelor in Paradise Season 5. Now host Chris Harrison is teasing that she’s involved, but it may not be as a contestant.

As Winter Games fans will remember, Yuki Kimura was a fun contestant to have involved in the mix of things in this spinoff. Unfortunately, there was a significant language barrier that made it hard for the Japanese sweetheart to find lasting love. She was such a hit, however, that viewers were sad to see her depart and hoped she’d be brought back somehow in the future.

The Inquisitr previously detailed that those behind the show thought that some of the more compelling international contestants from Winter Games might be incorporated into Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise. However, it was noted that this can be tricky to do because of the language and geographical barriers.

Season 5 is filming right now in Mexico, and fans have picked up on quite a few spoilers regarding who is involved thanks to social media. Nobody knows much yet about who has hooked up, but Harrison did just share a big tease related to Yuki on his Instagram page.

As Bachelor in Paradise fans know, Jorge was the beloved bartender for the first few seasons of the series. Former contestant Wells Adams took over that gig last summer, but it looks like it might be Kimura’s turn this time around. Chris shared a photo that shows him with Yuki, Wells, and Jorge, with Jorge holding a card with the show’s name on it.

Kimura is holding a bell like someone would ring to beckon service, and it looks like Adams has a loud horn of some sort. Everybody is tickled to see Jorge in the mix of things, and clearly, Wells joined in for filming to some degree. How does Yuki figure into all of this?

Obviously, the show doesn’t need three bartenders, and neither Wells or Jorge will be there looking for love. As many Bachelor in Paradise fans know, Adams is currently dating Modern Family star Sarah Hyland and they seem to be quite serious, based on some of his recent Instagram posts.

Jorge did share the same photo from his own Instagram account, thanking Chris and producer Elan Gale for the invitation to join everybody for some fun. He also teased that everybody would want to tune in to see what happened that day of filming, noting that Season 5 premieres on August 7. Does that mean that Jorge makes a brief appearance as Season 5 begins, but Wells, Yuki, or someone else will be pouring the drinks for the full season?

Those behind the show aren’t dishing out specific Bachelor in Paradise spoilers on this front yet, but details should emerge soon. It’s clear, based on the post from Chris Harrison, that Jorge, Yuki Kimura, and Wells Adams are all involved in Season 5 to some degree, and it looks like this one will be a blast.

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