‘Southern Charm’ Recap: Gone Girl [Spoilers]

Rather than “Gone Girl,” this episode of Southern Charm should have been called “relationships on the rocks that fans saw coming.” When fans last left the Charmers, they were at Austen’s beer debut and things were getting uncomfortable between Thomas and his girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, and Austen and Victoria.

Fans also learned recently from Bravo that at Austen’s party, Jacobs flirted heavily with Craig, causing him to eventually tell Ravenel that the nurse from California might not be who he thought she was, as the Inquisitr previously covered. The other male cast members each had a story of being propositioned by Ravenel’s Season 5 girlfriend.

But the first relationship to hit the rocks was Austen and Victoria’s, and to hear Austen tell Shep about it over a beer and lunch, it ended in a splash because Victoria threw her drink at him after she found out that Austen greeted Chelsea more favorably when she arrived. Shep was shocked to learn that Austen had taken a strong stand, sent Victoria home in an Uber, and blocked her on his phone. Austen announced the official time of death on the relationship and says he’s comfortable moving on. But on the upside, Austen shared that his parents had decided to invest in his beer.

Throughout the episode, Naomie, Danni, Chelsea, and Shep grew increasingly concerned about Kathryn’s well-being as she has gone silent. Kathryn spoke out at length about her struggles with mental health, as reported by the Inquisitr. This could have been an episode in itself, but it was a timely message that you don’t know what is really going on behind closed doors.

The next strained relationship is Ashley Jacobs and Patricia Altschul. Ravenel’s girlfriend asked Patricia for help to stop Thomas’ partying and get him to the ring shop. Patricia told her that men don’t change, and Kathryn is in his life forever. Patricia also added that she heard that Hilton Head was a hot mess.

For comic relief, Whitney, Cam, and Shep had a breast milk tasting (yes, exactly what it sounds like). Whitney was grossed out, and Shep said he kind of liked it.

The next parting of the ways was between Craig and Patricia. The two were going to work together on a pillow design, but when Craig showed up hours late and with a clip art design, the deal was done. Craig was disappointed, but his law school friend predicted this outcome.

We next saw Thomas and his girlfriend at dinner, where he pulled a jewelry box from his jacket. She attempted to hide her displeasure at the fact that it was a bracelet and not a ring, but she didn’t do a great job and asked him where they go from here, and if she has a chance of ever getting that ring she wants.

The final scene was a coming together rather than a breaking up, as Kathryn stopped by to see Danni, and tell her what has been going on. Kathryn explained that after all of the judgment she received over the last year and at Hilton Head, she couldn’t face confronting everyone just yet. She said she had felt good and gone off her antidepressants, only to realize that it was a mistake.

Through the lens of depression, Kathryn said she really didn’t understand that people would care and worry that she had disappeared, and then was embarrassed when she realized that she was going to have to confront her struggles with depression, CPTSD, and anxiety. Danni once again proved to be Kathryn’s ride or die friend.

Next week fans will see Shep’s plumber’s crack and take a trip back to the plantation. The drama keeps coming.

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