‘Days Of Our Lives’ June 21: Chad Vows DiMera Demise, Ciara And Ben Share A Moment, Kayla Hits Paydirt [Recap]

On the Thursday, June 21, episode of Days of Our Lives, the soap revisited Chad’s proposal to Sonny. Chad wants to be CEO of Titan. The timing is perfect since the company needs a strong and experienced leader and Chad needs a job. As Chad was speaking to Sonny about the possibility, Victor came into the main room of the Kiriakis mansion and said, “When Hell freezes over.”

Titan made an offer to settle with Leo, which is surprising news to Sonny. He asked Victor to rescind the offer. A settlement to Leo and his attorney was an admission of guilt and Sonny isn’t guilty. Calling Justin to take back the offer wasn’t necessary because Leo’s attorney had turned the offer down. Victor admitted that he needed to prepare Titan to fight.

Chad pointed out this was just one more reason to hire him.

“Titan is fighting for survival. You’ve taken hits. It’s time to strike back.”

Victor was still hesitant because they would be giving away all of their trade secrets. Chad pointed out that what Victor was saying might be true, however, they would be getting all of the enemy’s trade secrets in return. Chad reassured Victor that he would happily reveal everything about DiMera Enterprises.

When asked why he would turn on his family in such a drastic way, Chad made a powerful statement.

“Stefan’s not my brother. He’s not my family. He is my enemy… Stefan made me turn my back on DiMera. Now it’s my mission to destroy him, and it. That’s something you have wanted to do for a long time Victor, so why don’t you let me help you?”

Victor finally agreed and the board did too. For the first time in the history of the rivaling companies, a DiMera was in charge of Titan Industries.

At the end of yesterday’s Days of Our Lives episode, as reported by the Inquisitr, Ciara used a burner phone to call her mother.

Hope was happy to hear her daughter’s voice but began to panic when Ciara refused to give away her location. She knew that Ciara was in pain and promised that things would get better, offering to come and get her. Ciara admitted that she wasn’t all right and hasn’t been since she was raped. She needed some time to figure her life out.

Rafe took the phone from Hope. Ciara began to say that she didn’t want people to worry about her, but stopped talking when Ben walked back into the cabin. Rafe’s police instinct kicked in and he realized that Ciara wasn’t alone. When Hope realized it may be a hostage situation, she grabbed the phone from Rafe and asked Ciara about it.

Ciara stated that the man who found her stopped and took care of her, confirming that he may have even saved her life. Overhearing this, Ben looked relieved to know how Ciara felt about his act of kindness. Hope wasn’t happy with Ciara’s answer, and asked “What if?” She won’t stop looking until she finds her daughter.

Days viewers witnessed Ciara and Ben share a moment of mutual understanding and vulnerability. When she reached up to touch Ben’s face, he moved quickly away from her touch.

Determined to help Steve regain his vision, Kayla agreed to dig up dirt on Kate DiMera for Stefan. Kayla knew how her husband felt about Stefan and the rest of the DiMera family, but she decided to do it anyway. She broke into Kate’s room looking for the identity of a mystery man who Kate “can’t be seen with.” Days of Our Lives fans know that the man was Leo Stark’s attorney, Ted.

Kate walked into the room to find Kayla looking through her bedside drawers.

“Don’t stop on my account. Can I offer some assistance?”

Kayla made up an excuse and left the room just moments before Ted came looking for Kate.

Kate confessed to him that the lawsuit was meant to force Titan’s shares to tank so that she, herself, could buy the company at a rock bottom price. Just then, Ted leaned in and kissed Kate. In what might have otherwise been a romantic moment, Kate slapped Ted across the face, taking him by surprise.

Ted said, as the boss, she has the power. He believes this is the same dynamic that she has with every man she is with, letting her know it doesn’t bother him. Kate said he is right, and she is using that power to focus on one thing: obtaining Titan.

Unfortunately for Kate, while sitting at a table with Steve, Kayla met up with Justin. When speaking with Justin, the man that Kayla doesn’t recognize (Leo’s lawyer) walked by. When Justin confirmed his identity Kayla was armed with the ammunition needed to take Kate down and get Steve a bionic eye. She immediately called Stefan with the information.

At the end of the June 21 episode of Days of Our Lives, Chad visited Kate. He couldn’t wait to tell her all about his new job.

Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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