WWE News: X-Pac Reveals Why He Thinks Big Van Vader Never Made It Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

On Wednesday, the world of professional wrestling lost one of the biggest legends of all time in Big Van Vader as his heart problems finally overcame his fight. Vader (real name Leon White) was only 63-years-old and he dealt with a number of medical issues over the years as the end of his almost four-decade-long wrestling career came to an end. A lot of fans thought he should have been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame already, but one superstar has an idea why he wasn’t.

When Vader passed away, the wrestling fans expressed their grief and sadness over the loss of the big man, but it was nothing like his peers. As reported by Inquisitr, not only did other superstars and wrestlers post tributes to him but so did whole wrestling promotions, and that shows how respected the man was.

The WWE does induct people posthumously into the Hall of Fame, but countless people feel as if Vader should have already been in it. Inquisitr reported two years ago that Mick Foley was campaigning to get Vader into the hall after the legend revealed he likely had less than two years to give.

Still, it never happened and Sean “X-Pac” Waltman believes he knows why.

X-Pac appeared as a guest on The Tomorrow Show with Kevin Undergaro to talk about a number of topics, and of course, Vader was one of them. They discussed how he used to call himself “fat” and X-Pac hated that Vader did that, but it was part of a gimmick at the time.

As the conversation went on, X-Pac said that Vader was the best of all time for a wrestler of his size and that he deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame. Actually, Vader was almost obsessed with getting into it, as transcribed by Wrestling Inc.

“It was really important to him to be put in the Hall of Fame, and it really sucks. He deserved it too.”

It is common knowledge that Big Van Vader has not yet been inducted into the hall, but many expect it to happen sometime in the future. X-Pac believes he knows why WWE never inducted him into the Hall of Fame and while no one would ever admit it, it would be sad if true.

“Sometimes when you push too hard and you’re out there and you’re begging for it too much, it works against you. And that sucks in that case.”

Big Van Vader is one of the most decorated wrestlers in the history of the sport and that is without ever capturing a single title in WWE. His agility and talent were unheard of for most superstars and especially for a man of his size. It is almost a guarantee that he will end up in the WWE Hall of Fame at some in the future, but Sean “X-Pac” Waltman feels it didn’t happen during his lifetime because he just pushed too hard to get it.

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