WWE News: More Details Emerge About Why Big Cass Was Straight-Up Fired By Vince McMahon

Usually, when a mutual parting of ways takes place between WWE and one of its superstars, there is a nice split and each side wishes the other well. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case, though, and such is the way that the release of Big Cass went down earlier this week. Instead of the giant superstar just going his own way and WWE continuing on without him, it appears as if a lot of bridges were burned as more details come out about his release.

As reported by Inquisitr, Big Cass was suddenly and abruptly released on Tuesday before SmackDown Live took place that evening. The release appeared to come out of nowhere since he had returned from injury only a few months ago and it was known that WWE was very high on him last year before he was hurt.

The typical release from WWE comes with a superstar being wished well in their future endeavors and every wrestling fan knows that. The release of Big Cass simply said they had come to terms on the release of William Morrissey which is Cass’ real name and everyone knew there was more to the story.

As a few days have now passed since being let go by WWE, Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Wrestling Inc., has revealed more details about the release of Big Cass. Actually, it’s better to say “about his firing.”

Big Cass already had heat on him in the past couple of months for going overboard in a segment with a little person where he crossed the line of physicality. Ever since that point, things continually went downhill and it ended on Tuesday with Vince McMahon actually firing Big Cass on the spot.

From there, Cass went too long during a promo on SmackDown Live which was after he no-showed a rehearsal that executives asked him to do. That promo actually resulted in the writer being fired from WWE because Vince McMahon hated it so much.

All of this heat led to Big Cass having two pay-per-view losses in a row to Daniel Bryan and he was made to look even worse as both were by submission. That wasn’t where Cass’ troubles ended, though, as he did even more to make things worse for himself.

Sports Illustrated reported that during WWE’s recent tour of Europe, Big Cass was drinking a lot and had “attitude issues” toward a lot of people. He was also reportedly seen being “intoxicated in public” which added a lot to Vince McMahon going ahead and simply firing him this week.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, one of the last straws was an incident on a WWE bus where the lock on a bathroom door was apparently broken, but Big Cass thought someone was ribbing him. He was stuck inside of the bathroom for a while, got very angry, and broke down the door to get out.

On Tuesday, Vince McMahon informed the executives and writers of the release of Big Cass. Later, he brought the talent together before SmackDown Live to let everyone know that Cass had been officially fired and was no longer with the company. It has been obvious for a while now that something wasn’t right with the push and direction of the big man on WWE television, but there was much more to it anyone could have known.

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