’16 And Pregnant’ Star Unleashes Twitter Rant Against Jenelle Evans And Husband David Eason’s Parenting

Jenelle Evans is no stranger to criticism but the latest round of backlash against her and her husband, David Eason, hits close to home.

According to a report by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup on June 20, Evans’ former 16 and Pregnant co-star Nikkole Paulun took aim at the Teen Mom 2 couple on Twitter earlier this week.

“MTV is lucky they didn’t put me on ‘Teen Mom,'” Paulun tweeted on June 19. “After seeing the way Jenelle & David treat their kids, they would’ve needed security to keep me from coming at them. Pieces of s**t.”

In recent weeks, Eason has faced claims of potential abuse after being seen using physical actions and screaming to discipline Evans’ kids, including 3-year-old Kaiser. Most recently, Eason was seen growing extremely upset with the children before attempting to turn off the MTV cameras installed in his car.

Also during a recent episode, Eason was seen dragging Kaiser into another room before the child was heard yelling, “No, David! No!”

“Her man & herself talk to her second son [Kaiser] like he’s worthless,” Paulun added. “Like they’re completely annoyed that he even exists. It’s soooo sad.”

In response to Eason’s behavior on the latest episodes of Teen Mom 2, many fans have wondered why production hasn’t stepped in. However, because there haven’t been any known injuries sustained to the children from either one of their parents, there isn’t much they could do.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason’s relationship and family life will continue to be seen in the coming episodes of Teen Mom 2 but eventually, Eason’s last episode will air and he will no longer be featured on the show.

In February, hours after the tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Eason and Evans shared photos of Evans holding what appeared to be a machine gun and immediately faced backlash from fans who believed the post was incredibly insensitive.

While defending his decisions for his family on Twitter after being slammed for the gun photo, Eason got into it with one fan in particular and told the fan that he does not want his children to associate with members of the LGBT community. He also told the fans that the community lacked morals.

Shortly after Eason’s shocking posts were shared, MTV released a tweet of their own, in which they confirmed that Eason’s thoughts on the LGBT community were not in line with the network’s and confirmed he would be removed from production midway through production on Teen Mom 2 Season 8.

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