Zoey Deutch Says James Franco Is A ‘Meh’ Kisser With Bad Breath

Actor Zoey Deutch was a guest on Watch What Happens Live last night with Andy Cohen on Bravo and she didn’t hold back from saying that her on-screen kiss in the movie Why Him? was not exactly life-changing. In fact, the word she used was “meh.”

PageSix said that on WWHL, Andy Cohen asked Deutch about playing the love interest of James Franco in the movie Why Him? and about what it was like to kiss actor James Franco, to which she gave a lukewarm response with “meh.”

Cohen followed up.

“Really, not great?”

“No,” Zoey replied.

“Not memorable?”

“Yeah! Very [not memorable],” said Deutch.

But the “review” of Franco’s kissing continued when the talk moved on to James Franco having bad breath.

“How was the breath?” Andy added

“Actually not good,” Zoey Replied.

Sadly, for James Franco, Andy Cohen continued asking Deutch questions. He then made a pun with the title of the movie, saying “I bet you were asking Why Him?”

Zoey nodded and laughed.

Vulture added another layer to the controversy with an article titled “Zoey Deutch Bravely Confirms Your Suspicion That James Franco Is Not a Good Kisser.” Ouch. Zoey added that James Franco’s kissing was “very not memorable.”

But in her real life, Zoey Deutch has found someone she kisses willingly, says Daily Mail. Deutch is dating actor Dylan Hayes, and the two have been seen holding hands out and about in New York City. Deutch comes from Hollywood stock as her mother is actress Lea Thompson and her father is director Howard Deutch.

Her relationship with Hayes is still fairly new as the two started dating after she ended a five-year coupling with actor Avan Jogia back in January. Zoey’s career is also in high gear as she is promoting her Netflix movie, Set It Up, with Glenn Powell.

She’s also incredibly proud of her latest project, The Year of Spectacular Men, which was a “family affair.” In the film, she works with her mother Lea, who directed, and her sister, Madelyn Deutch who wrote the screenplay. Lea Thompson boasted that after a lifetime in the industry, to do something from scratch with her daughters is a gift. She addressed Zoey and Madelyn while touring to promote the project.

“It really changes my whole perspective of myself. I feel like I haven’t taken myself as seriously as I should have for my career. I’m proud of you guys and the way you take yourself so seriously. You know, we joke a lot, but you guys have really taught me a lot.”


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