Duggar Fans Think Kendra Caldwell’s Family Should Have Their Own Reality Show

The Duggar family has just added yet another new baby to their already huge brood. This time it is Joe and Kendra’s newborn that has taken over the limelight. Photos of the little guy have been making their rounds on social media. One particular snapshot that was shared on the Duggar Family Facebook page was that of the proud daddy, along with the child’s two grandfathers. Kendra’s dad, Pastor Paul Caldwell, is seen holding baby Garrett in his arms. This sparked a conversation among fans that are keen on giving the Caldwell family their own TLC reality show.

One person wrote in the comment section asking if Pastor Caldwell could have his own show. She also said that he is quite good looking. Others responded saying that they would definitely watch it if it should happen.

It’s not lost on most who have seen Mr. Caldwell that he is a handsome fellow. He is also more than 10 years younger than Jim Bob Duggar. It’s hard to believe that he is old enough to have a grandchild, but there he is proudly displaying his first of many that are likely to come in the future. His wife, Christina Caldwell, was said to be stunning by a few people as well. These two have seven children, three girls and four boys. Could this family be the next 19 Kids and Counting?

The Caldwells are still young enough to have more kids. Michelle Duggar was last pregnant when she was 45. That pregnancy, unfortunately, ended in a miscarriage. Christina Caldwell has apparently not yet hit the 40 mark.

A few fans on the Duggar Facebook page actually think that Kendra’s mom could very well be expecting baby number eight. A recent photo that was posted on the Duggar Family blog showed Mrs. Caldwell posing with her husband, Jim Bob and Michelle, and Joe, Kendra, and baby Garrett in the Duggar house. She has on a top that could be mistaken for a maternity shirt. However, as one person pointed out, she did give birth to seven children.

It is highly unlikely that there will be a reality show featuring the Caldwell family. It would basically be way too similar to 19 Kids and Counting. However, the little Caldwell kids are really cute and the older girls will be courting soon enough.

Pastor Caldwell and his family will most likely be getting more airtime on Counting On in the future with baby Garrett’s birth. Kendra’s pregnancy should be highlighted during the upcoming season which begins on July 30 on TLC.

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