A Lamborghini Smartphone Exists And Will Be Available In August 2018

Oppo boasts being ranked No. 4 of top five competitors amid the global smartphone industry. For those who are unaware, this company is based in Europe, but has had an extremely limited availability in the Western hemisphere; that snag probably explains why many may not be aware of this maker. Creators of these mobiles have placed focus on finding breakthrough technology and innovative engineering geared toward the selfie experience of smartphones. Needless to say, young people love these devices. Most recently, the brand plans to launch internationally, according to Extreme Tech. They will be bringing the newest Oppo Find X to the table in August of 2018. This smartphone dares to go for unfamiliar domain with new camera technology that may even cause Apple to do a double take. Not only do they bring ferociously new ideas, but Oppo has also partnered with a luxury car brand, Lamborghini.

That’s right, a literal Lamborghini smartphone. This device will come equipped with carbon fiber texture, Super VOOC Charging, and a flashy design sure to entice those with an ample taste for all things luxury. Charging capabilities on the new Oppo Find X are crafted to be swift with its 3,400mAh battery, which The Verge states will charge from zero to 100 percent in less than an hour. How fast? Try 35 minutes. Other specifications for the model include the Android 8.1 (Oreo) operating system, 256 GB internal memory with 8 GB of RAM, a dual LED tone-flash, 25 MP secondary camera, and dual 16 MP and +20 MP front facing camera. Even more details on the specifications for this revolutionary phone can be found on GSMArena. The most exciting aspect of this design, however, is how the creators have chosen to give users access to their camera. For a company that places a ton of focus on selfies, it is no surprise that Oppo has just dropped the mic.

Lady napping at Mobile World Congress Oppo booth in Barcelona, Spain, Wednesday, March 1, 2017.

Gone are the bezel areas with this new Oppo Find X device. Mechanical camera sliders could be the newest and greatest thing to catch on in the industry; at least that would seem to be what Oppo is banking on with the new design. The entire phone will be elevated with more screen, having no notches or grooves on any part of the screen or back of the phone. Simply swipe up on the screen, and a slider harmoniously pops up, a motion as smooth, fluid, and dreamy as scissor doors on a Lamborghini. If reading about the feature is not enough, check out one of the numerous testing videos across YouTube, or see how The Verge ranked in on the device.

News of this upcoming availability will be exciting to many users, particularly those who have known about and yearned for an Oppo device inside North America and Europe. The price tag may prove to be a deterrent for some, coming in at an expected $1,966.00.

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