Blue Ivy Steals The Spotlight From Beyonce And Jay-Z With Hilarious Reaction To Her Parents’ Sexy Tour Video

Blue Ivy Carter’s life is nothing like that of the average kid, but she responded like a typical embarrassed daughter when she saw her parents engaging in too much PDA for her liking. As reported by ELLE, the internet is loving her reaction to one of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s racy On the Run II concert videos.

Blue Ivy was likely one of the few 6-year-olds in the audience when Jay-Z and Beyonce took the stage at London Stadium on June 15. Many of the hip-hop power couple’s songs aren’t exactly family-friendly, and neither are some of the video interludes that are being shown during their On the Run II tour stops. The concert crowd was watching one such video when Blue Ivy hilariously decided that she did not need to see what was going on between her parents on the giant screen. The little girl was filmed making a disgusted face and covering her eyes with her hands during one video segment. Unfortunately, this action wasn’t enough to save her from embarrassment, and, in her desperation, Blue actually tried to hide from the video by ducking down behind the barrier in front of her.

The video interlude that Blue Ivy found so disturbing reportedly showed Beyonce and Jay-Z in bed together, and Access Hollywood has described it as “NSFW.” You can check out Blue’s reaction below.

Blue Ivy’s discomfort delighted Twitter. Some fans of Blue’s reaction video said that they loved it so much because they could relate to how her parents’ behavior made her feel.

“This is the funniest thing I’ve seen ALL DAY,” wrote one admirer of her adorable antics. “Blue Ivy’s reaction is ALL OF US if you witness your parent(s) doing something embarrassing. I’ve had that exact ‘turn, brain cant compute, cover eyes, run, crawl, what even’ reaction before.”

“Beyonce is massively talented, but the greatest gift she’s ever shared with the world so far is Blue Ivy,” declared another member of Blue’s Twitter fan club.

Luckily for Blue, she didn’t have to spend the entire concert being absolutely mortified by her parents. When the scandalous, scantily clad images of her mother and father weren’t being flashed onscreen, she was able to enjoy herself. She danced along to a few of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s songs, and she was even filmed showing her friends how to properly show her father respect by teaching them the correct way to make the Roc-A-Fella diamond hand sign.

Even though it looks like Blue Ivy was having a blast at the concert a majority of the time, the intimate video of her parents wasn’t the only embarrassing moment that she had to endure. In typical mom fashion, Beyonce just had to give her a shout-out in front of the crowd of thousands. All Blue could do in response was shake her head in disapproval before turning to a friend and pretending that it didn’t just happen.

“Miss Blue Ivy Carter will forever be a mood,” wrote one Twitter user of the only person in the world who would dare respond to a Beyonce shout-out in such a manner.

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