‘Lucifer’ Season 4: Showrunners Gush Over Renewal, Episode Count, And Date Writers Begin Brainstorming

After Netflix jumped in to save Lucifer and resurrected the series with Season 4, fans were elated, and now we know what showrunners thought about the surprise Netflix renewal, how many episodes will be in the next season and also when writers will first start their creative brainstorming as a date has officially been set now.

As far as the number of episodes that will be airing in Season 4 of Lucifer, TVLine reports that there will be 10 of these, with co-showrunner Joe Henderson confirming this amount.

Take note, fans, these 10 episodes will all be entirely new and will not include the two bonus episodes that were previously aired, as Henderson calmly explained.

“Netflix has commissioned 10 all-new episodes. And yet, Season 4 might possibly run longer, if one of the bonus episodes gets folded in somewhere. The first thing we’ve got to figure out is where the one that wasn’t a complete standalone, the Ella-focused episode, might fit.”

It is believed that Season 4 of Lucifer will have episodes that will continue to run for around 43 minutes, according to screenwriter Ildy Modrovich, although she does admit that there may be some wiggle room now that the series will be aired by Netflix.

“We’ll probably stick roughly to our 43 minutes. That’s part of what we’re going to talk to Netflix about. I think we might have a bit of room for flexibility, hopefully, so if there’s a scene we love and we don’t want to cut it, we’re hoping that now we won’t have to. But we’re not suddenly going to have hour-and-a-half episodes!”

Meanwhile, the Express has reported that writers will be meeting next Monday to come up with some exciting new storylines for the upcoming fourth season of Lucifer, as Ildy Modrovich tweeted.

“We’re still shooting in LA – on the Warner Brothers lot and writers room starts next Monday (Gulp). But excited beyond words.”

While fans are dying to know what is going to happen now that Chloe has finally realized that Lucifer is truly the Devil himself, Joe Henderson did hint that this could be a huge plot point in Season 4.

“As you saw in the finale, Chloe saw Lucifer’s devil face. Finally, proof that Lucifer really is who he said he was. No turning back. Chloe knows the truth. So that was the big thrust of season four – exploring Chloe dealing with those ramifications. How it affected her relationship with Lucifer. Both professionally and personally. Can you work with the Devil? Can you love the devil?”

While fans around the world were rejoicing when the news was announced last Friday that Netflix had saved Lucifer, the actors themselves were also elated and, as it turns out, only just learned the news right before it was announced, with Joe Henderson getting the message just 10 minutes before the public announcement.

Modrovich said that she received a cute and funny message from Warner Bros. president Peter Roth, who gave her the good news.

“My agent called me, and then we got a lovely call from [Warner Bros. TV president] Peter Roth, which was pretty darn funny. I guess he called Tom [Ellis] first and said something like, ‘Sharpen your horns!'”

With Ildy Modrovich explaining that there “is always the potential for more,” when it comes to future seasons after Season 4 of Lucifer, fans will be very happy knowing that the start of writing and brainstorming will begin just days from now and that Lucifer will be back on television screens very soon now.

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