‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Michael Confronts Chase, Jason Reassures Carly, & Kiki Leans On Griffin

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday’s show detail that viewers will get plenty more regarding the Chase and Nelle storyline. Everybody watched on Tuesday as both characters flashed back to the night they were intimate in Florida, but the stories definitely didn’t sync up. Michael didn’t waste any time tracking down the detective to confront him, and he’s got some tough decisions to make here.

Nelle described her sexual encounter with Chase in Florida as one that was consensual, but a poor choice. She said that she’d been drowning at that time, with her ex-fiance’s family hounding her, and she clung to Chase even though it wasn’t wise. However, the detective’s recollection that viewers watched showed Nelle as the aggressor.

Ultimately, even Nelle’s flashback showed that shortly after she slept with Chase she called his precinct and reported him for inappropriate behavior. Of course, she didn’t tell Michael that part. Michael headed to the police station to confront Chase, asking if he was stalking Nelle, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that the action picks up from there in Wednesday’s show.

SheKnows Soaps details that this confrontation will play out between the two men on Wednesday, and viewers will be anxious to get some insight into Michael’s thinking. Does he flat-out believe Nelle or has he finally learned that she usually twists the truth? General Hospital spoilers note that Dante will be tearing into Chase during this episode too, so it’ll be interesting to see if he learns about this past connection to Nelle too.

Interestingly, Dr. Bensch will approach Alexis and tell her that he’s in a bit of a jam and could use her help. Once upon a time, there was some flirting going on between these two, but given Alexis’ representation of Kiki, it seems unlikely that Alexis will be too generous when it comes to this discussion with the doctor.

Jason managed to speak briefly with Carly during Tuesday’s show and General Hospital spoilers indicate that he’ll get another chance during Wednesday’s episode. Jason will tell Carly that things will be better now that he’s there to keep an eye on her, and this will leave Carly feeling greatly relieved. However, Kevin spotted Jason while he was at Ferncliff, and this could become a problem.

The next show also will share some bonding time between Oscar and Julian, with Julian seemingly trying to encourage the teen that he means well with Kim and doesn’t scare easily. In addition, Nelle and Ava will be chatting with one another and Ava will note that she wouldn’t send even her worst enemy to Ferncliff.

Can Jason save Carly? Will Michael believe Chase? General Hospital spoilers hint that things will really heat up as the week continues and there are juicy moments on the way.

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