Bindi Irwin Allegedly Being Recruited By The Church Of Scientology, Per ‘RadarOnline’

As controversial as the Church of Scientology is, there’s no shortage of celebrities that they try to recruit for their latest campaigns. The most recent celebrity that they’re interested in courting is Bindi Irwin, the daughter of the late, beloved Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, according to RadarOnline.

Former Scientology Celebrity Center operative Steven Mango spoke exclusively to the outlet, where he confirmed that the Church was interested in “recruiting” the young starlet as their “celebrity poster child” and recruiter.

Mango, who was a former child actor himself, said that he was the “celebrity poster child” for the Church of Scientology from 2008 to 2011. As the former “poster child,” he was permitted to attend high net worth networking events, celebrity galas, and even worked with the likes of Kirstie Alley during his tenure.

Underneath all the glitz and glamour, however, was apparently a secret: The Church of Scientology only wanted to get Mango’s credit card information and, ultimately, his unquestioning devotion and money.

And now, he’s spilling the beans to RadarOnline in the hopes that he can warn Bindi Irwin off of the organization.

Mango said the organization is interested in recruiting Irwin because of her “wholesome” image. What’s more, because Irwin is involved in a lot of charitable organizations and has a huge reach in Australia, the Church is interested in having her be the celebrity poster child. The Church does not have a strong presence in Australia, and they’re hoping that recruiting Irwin as their spokeswoman will lead to more sign-ups.

According to Australia’s Bureau of Statistics, less than 2,000 Australians belong to the Church of Scientology.

Mango went on to say that the death of Bindi’s beloved father would be used by the Church of Scientology to “influence” her into joining, especially since his passing was so devastating to a young Bindi.

Steve Irwin’s death is what’s known in the Church of Scientology as a “ruin.” Mango explained that a “ruin” is something that irreparably changed your life, and not for the better. “Your ruin in Scientology is the one thing that if fixed or ‘handled,’ would change your life. They would promise to help her do that,” he said, adding that it’s a manipulation tactic that’s worked with the likes of John Travolta and Tom Cruise, in the past.

But a source close to the Irwin family said that Bindi Irwin’s mother — and Steve Irwin’s widow — Terri is a devout Christian and would “never let her children anywhere near that organization.”

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