Tim McGraw And Faith Hill Open Up About How They Keep Their Relationship Strong After 21 Years Of Marriage

After 21 years of marriage, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are still head over heels for one another.

Recently, the couple opened up in an interview with People, dishing on how they are able to keep their romance alive after being together for such a long time and also going on tour together. As many fans know, the couple is currently performing on stage together on their “Soul2Soul World Tour.” First and foremost, the couple says that they always make time for date nights, even when they’re on tour.

“We just saw Springsteen on Broadway the other night in New York and it was the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen. Watching him and Patti together was magical,” McGraw gushed.

To two also had nothing but good things to say about watching one another perform on stage. McGraw confessed that he could listen to his wife sing all night while Faith shared similar sentiments, calling Tim the “best entertainer” that she’s ever watched.

“He can bring a crowd to their feet with the motion of his hand. He knows how to deliver songs to the fans and make them feel like he’s singing to them.”

But as much as they love being together on tour and on stage, the couple still say that they do need some alone time here and there and that is one of the reasons why they each have their own dressing rooms before going on stage.

“We both have our daily routines and we have our own dressing rooms. We each have our own space to retreat to so we do get time to ourselves,” Faith says.


With Tim 51-years-old and Faith 50-years-old, the couple also confesses that they are now starting to enjoy the little things in life as opposed to big, extravagant things. For example, last year on their 20th wedding anniversary, the couple shared that they both stayed home together in their pajamas and loved every minute of it.

“Funny, as we get older it’s less about the big gestures and more about just spending the time together at home,” Tim says.

During their so-called low-key outings, the couple also like to include their three girls — 21-year-old Gracie, 19-year-old Maggie, and 16-year-old Audrey.


And it comes as no surprise that the couple still shares sweet posts to each other from time to time on Instagram. On Valentine’s Day, McGraw shared a makeup-free photo of Hill in a black hat and black dress. The caption was just as sweet as the photo itself.

“My funny valentine. Sweet, sweet valentine. You make me happy……..”

The couple is currently on their “Soul2Soul Tour.”

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