McDonald’s Fish To Go ‘Sustainable,’ Chain Will No Longer McDeplete Our Oceans

McDonald’s fish and fish-related practices have come under fire in the past for sustainability issues, which make sense — when there are over untold billions served, the supply of the Filet-O-Fish becomes a concern.

McDonalds’ fish sustainability has been at issue for years along with the overall global sustainability of fishing practices. Dire predictions of a Filet-O-Fish-less Lenten season have been made as the company struggled to ensure that the menu item would not suffer from the effects of overfishing overall.

Back in 2009, The Inquisitr covered the issue of McDonalds’ fish and sustainability — mainly that the popularity of menu items had threatened supplies of certain whitefish. But now the chain is changing its ways, and the Los Angeles Times reports on a spate of changes in regards to McDonald’s and fish sustainability.

The paper explains:

“McDonald’s has signed up with the Marine Stewardship Council to verify all of its fish that gets breaded, fried and sold as ‘Filet-O-Fish’ sandwiches are sustainably certified Alaskan pollock. In exchange for audits of its massive supply chain, McDonald’s each year can sell hundreds of millions of fish sandwiches, and soon-to-be sold Fish McBites, in boxes with the council’s trademarked blue Eco-label.”

McDonald’s fish sustainability initiative will benefit the chain, which is indeed expanding toward new fish items as well as the Marine Stewardship Council, giving the group a visibility boost that can only come from ties with the most recognizable entity in the world.

CBS confirms:

“A spokeswoman for McDonald’s, Christina Tyler, said the all U.S. stores should have the labeling by early February. McDonald’s will promote the certification on packaging for other products, including Happy Meals and drinks.”

Does McDonalds’ new fish sustainability initiative make you feel better about eating at their outlets?

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