McDonald’s Fish McBites Headed To Menus This February

In an effort boost what many have reported to be slumping sales, McDonald’s intends to introduce Fish McBites onto its menus nationwide beginning this February.

The fast food restaurant is adding a number of new items to its menus in the coming weeks, many of which will only be around for a limited time. According to the KY Post, McDonald’s Fish McBites is one of the new foodstuffs that will be temporarily available to consumers.

The bite-sized fish will reportedly be made from the same “sustainable” Alaskan pollock the company uses to make its Fillet-O-Fish sandwich.

ABC News reports that the Fish McBites are essentially Chicken McNuggets with Alaskan pollock. The item, which will be available to hungry patrons in three different sizes, can also be substituted in Happy Meals. It’s unclear how long McDonald’s intends to offer the bites to customers.

In addition to adding new items to its menus, McDonald’s stated it would attempt to boost sales by remodeling older locations and extending hours to some restaurants around the world.

According to The Post and Courier, McDonald’s is the first national restaurant to carry a label from a group which states the fast food chain uses sustainable practices to acquire its fish.

The Marine Stewardship Council certifies that the restaurant gets its stock from suppliers which use sustainable methods when fishing for Alaskan pollock. Walmart and Whole Foods have already received certification from the nonprofit group.

The website reports the organization is interested in preventing companies and suppliers from using methods that are considered “red-rated.” This means the fish in question was obtained by either overfishing or through methods that can harm the environment or other species.

McDonald’s sustainable Fish McBites will be available to hungry individuals beginning this February. Are you looking forward to the new menu items being offer up by the fast food chain?

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