Nicole Eggert’s Sexual Molestation Case Dropped, Scott Baio Is In The Clear

Nicole Eggert’s sexual molestation case against Scott Baio has been dropped because the L.A. County District Attorney has rejected her claims against him, reports TMZ. The D.A. cites the statute of limitations as the reason for the rejection, which isn’t exactly the same as saying it never happened. As TMZ reported, Eggert claimed Baio repeatedly molested her between ages 14 and 17. Baio insisted that never happened and alleged that he only had sex with Eggert once, at her request, after his younger co-star turned 18 and came to his house.

TMZ reports that under current California law there’s no statute of limitations if an adult sexually assaults a minor. Unfortunately for Eggert, when the alleged assaults occurred in the 80s, the statute of limitations was three years. Since it has been far longer than that, they aren’t able to prosecute. Of course, this still leaves a cloud over Baio since he won’t have a venue, other than the court of public opinion, to confront his accuser and get his day in court.

However, another co-star has gone to bat for him. According to the Page Six, former Charles in Charge co-star, Josie Davis, refuted Eggert’s allegation that Baio asked her to pull her pants down when she was just 13-years-old. Davis portrayed Sarah Powell on the syndicated seasons of the sitcom, which aired from 1987 to 1990.

“The allegation that @NicoleEggert made on Twitter saying @ScottBaio was inappropriate with me is completely false. I only had a positive and a professional relationship with him. Out of respect for those involved, I will not be responding further on the matter,” posted Davis.

Eggert quickly responded via Twitter to dispute Davis’ denial. She called out her former co-star, asking why she previously put the story in writing if it wasn’t true. Eggert then provided screenshots to social media which made it seem like she (or someone) had a text exchange with Davis about the incident. In fact, some of the messages mention “nudes” and referenced Baio’s first name, as reported previously by Inquisitr.

While Davis may not be on Team Eggert, fellow Charles in Charge co-star Alexander Polinsky (who played Adam Powell) has been by her side the entire time with his own claims of abuse.

“I was sexually harassed by Scott Baio and ultimately assaulted by him between the ages of 12 and 15 years old,” he said in a statement at a press conference with Eggert back in February, as previously reported by Inquisitr.

Eggert suspected that Baio was retaliating against Polinsky because he may have witnessed his inappropriate behavior with her. Baio released a statement within hours of the press conference denying both claims.

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