Tori Spelling Deletes Swimsuit Photo From Instagram After She’s Accused Of Photoshopping The Image

Tori Spelling recently took to Instagram to show off the results of all the hard work that she’s put into regaining her pre-pregnancy body. However, according to ET Canada, she deleted her post promoting body positivity after some of her followers accused her of Photoshopping the swimsuit snapshot that was included with it.

On Sunday, Tori Spelling shared an Instagram post about how she struggled to lose weight after giving birth to her fifth child last March. The 45-year-old Beverly Hills, 90210 star admitted that “her body didn’t bounce back the way it did with the first 4,” but she’s finally comfortable wearing a one-piece swimsuit again. She credited dieting and being active for her body transformation, and she also thanked her husband, 51-year-old Dean McDermott, for being supportive throughout her weight loss journey.

“But I’ve been working at it and eating and playing to live my best life and I feel like its showing. Back in a one piece minus the coverup or shorts finally!” Tori wrote. “Part of this transformation in progress is my husband @imdeanmcdermott makes me feel great about myself no matter what weight I’m at. And, I’m finally loving seeing my hard work start to pay off! Thanks Body! We Got this… #happyfathersday #bodylove.”

Tori Spelling’s Instagram post included an image of the mother of five rocking a bright pink and black one-piece swimsuit featuring a bold floral print design. Some of her followers were impressed by her slender figure, but others weren’t convinced that her tiny waist was the result of working hard and eating right. These skeptics accused Tori of digitally altering her photo to make her stomach look slimmer.

“Sorry Tori. I think you are great but the Photoshop is not… it so easy to see that it’s not the real you… please if you say you are not ashamed of you[r] body post a true pic,” read one response to her Instagram post.

Another critic called Tori’s swimsuit snapshot “the worst edited photo ever.” It also appears that Tori Spelling wasn’t being completely honest when she wrote that she’s comfortable wearing a one-piece “minus the coverup or shorts.” On Monday, The Daily Mail published paparazzi photos of the True Tori star wearing the same swimsuit pictured in her deleted Instagram post. In the images, she’s swimming in the pool at the Riviera Palm Springs luxury hotel, and she has a pair of black athletic shorts on over the one-piece.

As reported by PopCulture, this isn’t the first time Tori Spelling has been accused of Photoshopping one of her Instagram photos to make herself look thinner. Back in January, some of her followers suggested that she digitally altered an image that she was using to promote meal replacement shakes. That snapshot has not been taken down.

Tori Spelling hasn’t explained why she decided to delete her swimsuit photo, but she has admitted to being dishonest about weight loss in the past. According to Us Weekly, she confessed that she lied about how she lost the 45 pounds she gained when she was pregnant with her fourth child in 2012. She initially said that she achieved results by eating healthy and exercising, but she later revealed that she pretty much starved herself. Tori blamed her publicist for pushing her to lie about how she dropped the weight.

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