Heidi Pratt Shows Off Incredible 40-Pound Weight Loss In Tiny Bikini

Heidi Pratt is in the best shape of her life after giving birth to her son, Gunner Stone, on October 1, 2017. The former Hills reality-TV star kicked it poolside with her son and hubby, Spencer, while vacationing at The Little Nell resort in Aspen, Colorado last week, per Daily Mail. At 31-years-old, the mother of one doesn’t even look like she ever gave birth to begin with as she rocked a two-piece bathing suit, paired with some killer abs and all-around toned physique.

Gaining 40 lbs. during her pregnancy, Heidi proudly shared, “‘I am officially back to my pre-pregnancy weight.” Trying to lose the baby weight post-pregnancy is no easy feat, which every mother, even celebrity moms, would agree on. Some mothers develop certain dieting tricks that work for them, so what worked for Heidi?

“I decided that I was going to eat balanced meals (Ok I definitely eat chocolate, cookies, something sweet everyday) for breast-feeding reasons and not to have any weight loss pressure.”

Heidi also admits she followed the popular dieting trend of drinking “shakes and teas.” Now when it came to working out, Heidi didn’t spend countless hours slaving away at the gym. “My work out tips… Just carrying Gunner around 24 seven LOL! It feels good but hasn’t been my priority. Maybe one day I will get back into the gym,” she said.

Apart from lounging in the pool, the Pratt family apparently decided to enjoy the great outdoors of Colorado by doing a little hiking as well.

Parenthood looks good on Heidi and Spencer, who fans famously nicknamed “Speidi.” Spencer recently opened up to People Magazine about how fatherhood has changed him. “My favorite part of fatherhood is seeing a baby so innocent,” he said. “Until you watch a human being born and watch a little baby growing and learning how to smile and waiting for a baby to giggle … it’s definitely made me enjoy humans more,” he added.

Spencer has come a long way since being on The Hills, where he was considered the villain who didn’t get along with pretty much anyone besides Heidi. The 34-year-old father now spends his time delving into his spirituality, along with his love of crystals and hummingbirds. To promote his new MTV YouTube series, Spencer Pratt Will Heal You, Spencer spoke to People in May about why he decided to take on this project. “After The Hills ended, I hated who I became, so I set out on a new journey to find love, to heal my mind, body and spirit,” he said.

Although they’re loving being parents to Gunner Stone, both Heidi and Spencer have expressed their desire to add more children to their family in the future.

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