Ivanka Trump’s Wild Teenage Years Revealed: Cutting Class, Partying, And Flashing Hot Dog Vendors

Ivanka Trump may come across as “prim and proper” today, but if her past is anything to go by, she is quite the opposite of what she purports to be.

The Daily Mail has unearthed some damning photographic evidence about Ivanka Trump, and needless to say, it doesn’t paint the “prim and proper” lady in a positive light.

The outlet reports that Ivanka’s “wild side” first started coming out in eighth grade when she flashed her bare breasts to a hot dog vendor that was outside her exclusive Chapin school in Manhattan. Far from being understanding of the plight of the average working American, the Trumps were part of the New York City elite — the same elite made up of old money names like Bloomberg, Rockefeller, Hilton, LeFrak, and others, but who frequently looked down upon the Trumps because the patriarch was viewed as a “buffoon” in those circles — and they spoiled Ivanka and her brothers, Donald Jr. and Eric, with every indulgence that money could buy.

The Trump’s were so out of touch with the reality of being working class, in fact, that Donald Trump would send limousines for his daughter so she could get take-out from all of her favorite expensive restaurants throughout the city, according to friends of the former model.

Former school friends of Ivanka report that she was a “wild girl” before she started to carefully curate her public image recently.

Ivanka Trump was so wild, as a child, that she was forced to undergo a drug test after a party at the school that got “way out of control.” For what it was worth, she passed the test.

But the “wild child” didn’t stop there: according to former school friends of the “First Daughter,” Ivanka learned how to perform oral sex on a man when she was a sophomore in high school after she taught herself how to do so by practicing on a banana.

She would also sneak out of her classes to go on modeling shoots, then would lie to the teachers about why she was absent from school.

As she went on to college, she would sneak out in expensive clothing early in the morning to smoke several cigarettes — one after the other — while looking to make sure no one saw her. There were also rumors that Ivanka Trump was heavily addicted to cocaine in those years, a claim which she soundly denied.

As far as her relationship with her father, friends recall that it was “cold” and “distant,” with the President sending newspaper clippings to his daughter with notes down the side, and even informing her that she needed to get breast implants if she wanted to help her modeling career.

Dealing with Donald Jr. was no walk in the park, either: friends describe him as “an a–hole” who is a “mix of alcohol and entitlement and raging testosterone.” During his school years, he was known as being a raging alcoholic, a classist, and a slob. Eric was just as nasty, frequently referring to people by vulgar names, and was so desperate for his father’s approval that he became obsessed with real estate just to try to get acknowledgement…but it would never be forthcoming.

And how do her former friends now describe Ivanka Trump? Emily Jane Fox, who wrote the book “Born Trump” about the eldest Trump children, said that Ivanka Trump “has her father’s self-promotional ease without all the brash, and the narcissism is hereditary, though muted in its inheritance.”

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