Stormy Daniels Launching Her Own Line Of Lingerie

Stormy Daniels, the woman at the center of a firestorm for her alleged affair with not-yet-President Donald Trump and the alleged payoff he made through lawyer Michael Cohen, has a new project she’s getting ready to launch — her own line of lingerie, according to TMZ. Showing she’s an astute businesswoman by making the most of her 15 minutes of fame (OK, far more than that), she’s working on the new high-end line of intimates with designer Helen Hoey, and they will be sold at PULCHRA in Beverly Hills. TMZ heard that pieces from the collection will cost over $100. The new line has been described as “edgy and sophisticated with vintage aesthetics,” though what that means exactly is anyone’s guess but they will be modeled by Daniels herself in the new lingerie line’s ad campaign.

Daniels still remains embroiled in the court case that involves her alleged night with Donald Trump. Last week, Inquisitr reported that Melania Trump has been fully aware that her husband had an alleged affair with the adult film star — one that took place while Melania was taking care of the couple’s newborn son — and deserves the public’s sympathy, according to Daniels’ lawyer.

Michael Avenatti said in an interview with Salon that he knows the first lady is aware of her husband’s affair and reiterated that she is a victim in the matter. Avenatti claimed that even Rudy Giuliani, the president’s latest lawyer, who has sparred with Avenatti and continually denied that Trump had an affair with the adult film star, knows that Daniels’ allegation is true.

“There’s no question that he knows my client is telling the truth because he was there and this happened,” Avenatti said. “I think 80 percent of Americans have viewed her 60 Minutes interview and came away believing my client. I know people on the right that are staunch supporters of the president, and even they comment to me on how much credibility she had.”

“Mr. Trump knows it, I think the first lady knows it,” Avenatti continued. “I think Mr. Giuliani knows it, they know exactly what happened here. I think Mr. Trump also knows that he participated in the cover-up relating to this $130,000 payment.”

Both Avenatti and Daniels have done an excellent job of keeping her story in the news, unwilling to let it go and now with this new lingerie line coming out, it gives Daniels even more opportunities to get her story out there and keep the pressure on both Michael Cohen and the president himself in her desire for justice.

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