‘Firefall’ Begins First Open Beta Weekend Friday, January 25, 2013

Firefall, the outstanding new MMOFPS and winner of The Inquisitr’sMost Promising Online Game Award for 2012, begins the long awaited first public open beta weekend today. Now anyone who has not managed to snag a key to the closed beta will finally have a chance to try the free to play first person shooter for themselves and find out why the online gaming community is so excited about Firefall.

Thousands of lucky gamers managed to join the closed beta over the last few months, and the word is out that Firefall is poised to become king of the hill of the free to play online gaming world. The action is fast and furious as players climb into their heavily armed battle-frames and prepare to fight for survival on a ravaged earth crawling with mutated life forms and extremely hostile aliens.

Players will be able to choose from five different types of battle-frames, each of which fulfills a different function in the game. The developers at Red 5 Studios made a wise decision to allow players to own all five battle-frames on a single character. Experience points and harvested resources can be traded for new battle-frames, and many players enjoy switching between them to keep the action fresh and exciting.

Each of the high tech suits of armor allows the player to utilize class specific skills and equipment. The Assault battle-frame is your basic infantry unit, Recon fights from range and fills the role of the sniper, Biotech is a medic with offensive abilities, Engineer crafts powerful devices to destroy enemies, and the Dreadnaught is the heavily armored tank. Each comes with a large arsenal of powerful futuristic weapons and class specific devices, and you can upgrade your battle-frame to your heart’s content by using your experience points to buy new and improved weaponry.

Adding to the excitement, every battle-frame comes equipped with a jet pack that allows the player to leap high into the air and cover great distances. Although the jet pack does not permit the player to remain in flight for more than a few seconds at a time, players are able to instantly leap to safety and rain deadly fire down on the enemy while hovering just out of reach.

In addition to the great sci-fi story line, the fully free to play model, and the wide range of exciting battle-frames, Firefall has one quality that really distinguishes it from all the other great first person shooters. This is a game anyone can enjoy from the first moment they climb into their battle-frame and venture out into the big bad world.

Unlike many other online FPS, you don’t need a graduate degree in engineering from MIT and the reflexes of a Formula One Racing driver to be a star in Firefall. While great fast twitch skills may be helpful, they are not the deciding factor in the game. Clever use of terrain, sound strategy, and proper customization of the all important battle-frame will win against fast clickers every time.

The servers open to the public at 1:00 pm EST and you definitely want to be there to join in the fun Red 5 has planned for the weekend. There will be in-game events, community unlocks, special promotions, contests with great rewards, and special themes to introduce players to the Firefall universe.

These are just some of the exciting events planned for the weekend:

Skillshot Contest (Video) – Record and submit an epic skillshot video for a chance to win a prize pack filled with Firefall SWAG and Razer™ gear

Skillshot Contest (Screen) – Screencap a stylish skillshot for a chance at being featured on the official Firefall Facebook page

Community Unlock – Play during the weekend to unlock an exclusive, customized Battleframe decal

Livestream – Join a special episode of Firefall Live on TwitchTV to see Athene and Reese owning the competition with their own skillshots

Red Five Studios released a thrilling new game play video that shows off Firefall’s battle-frames, the amazing weaponry, and the vicious creatures you will meet this weekend when you join the First Public Open Beta . Leap into the action, and, if you see Ghodzilla jet past you as you adventure through the jungles and deserts of Firefall, be sure to give me a shout and tell me how much you are enjoying this great game.

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