Gigi Hadid Goes Braless In New York City

Gigi Hadid is someone who’s best known for her ability to turn heads on various runways at various Fashion Weeks, but this Sunday, she managed to turn heads all over New York City.

According to the Daily Mail, Gigi Hadid was walking around Manhattan while wearing a tank top that left little, if anything, to the imagination.

She was wearing a fitted olive green camisole with spaghetti string straps, and — whether she meant to or not — she showed the world that she was very excited to be in New York City on that sweltering summer day.

Hadid paired the tank top with a pair of light-colored khaki pants and a pair of black saddle shoes.

But one of the things that were most noticeable about Gigi Hadid’s outfit — outside of her, um, standouts — is the bag she was carrying: It was a black clutch bag from The Row that retails for nearly $1,000.

Now, for obvious reasons, we can’t show you these pictures live and in living color, but you can certainly see them at the link above.

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, recently, the long-time supermodel and daughter of Yolanda Hadid (of Real Housewives fame) and billionaire Mohammed Hadid told Vogue Australia that she felt guilty about all her achievements that, she feels, she got due to “privilege.”

However, Hadid made clear that while she knows she’s luckier than most; her parents “came from nothing” and she works hard every day to “honor” them rather than rest on her laurels.

And while she’s aware that many people believe she got her modeling career off the ground because of nepotism (Yolanda Hadid, once known as Yolanda Foster, was a model in her younger years), Gigi made clear that this is a common misconception. She, in fact, got her modeling career started when she was 2-years-old before anyone really knew the “Hadid” name.

Yolanda made clear that the reason she was interested in modeling is because she was driven by money: Her parents were “very poor” and she didn’t even know what fashion magazines were all about, let alone wear makeup. Rather, she promised to provide for her mother and her brother since they couldn’t provide for themselves.

Her daughter, Gigi Hadid, had a different motivation for getting into the industry.

“You know that people say I shouldn’t be on the runway? I’ve got a lot better at dealing with that and wanting to better myself. That’s my motivation,” she said.

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