Kate Hudson Posts Pic Of ‘Goddess’ Mom Goldie Hawn Rocking A Bathing Suit At 72

Kate Hudson posted a sweet Instagram tribute to her mom, Goldie Hawn, with a stunning photo that showed off the 72-year-old’s assets as she rocked a black bathing suit on vacation.

Hudson, who is pregnant with her third child and first daughter with musician boyfriend Danny Fujikawa, posted the photo and set us all on the path to achieve Goldie Hawn goals this summer. The forever young actress, who got her start in the entertainment business on the 1960s series Laugh-In, continues to maintain her trim physique by paying careful attention to her diet and partaking in some physical activity every day.

Hawn, who is the longtime partner of actor Kurt Russell, has credited her good genes to healthy living. In a joint Allure interview with daughter Kate Hudson in 2013, Kate is asked what beauty tips she learned from her mom. The actress replied, “I think it’s more the stuff we eat. Like green juice—mom’s been drinking green juice forever.”

Back in 2011, Hawn remarked in an interview with Self that she starts her day with green juice, followed by a lunch of green salad and broccolini, which helps to keep her figure trim. The actress finishes her day with a typical dinner of watercress soup and green beans with fish. Her favorite healthy snack is kale chips. And if she feels like indulging, it will likely be in the form of truffle fries. Hawn also works out every day. Said the actress to Self, “Sometimes long, sometimes short, but I try never to miss a day of working out.”

Hudson, who was recently seen, via The Daily Mail on a vacation on the Greek island of Skiathos, is also into healthy eating. She admitted to Vogue that her great skin and healthy body came after she stopped eating dairy and animal products.

“When I went vegan last summer, my skin was the best it’s ever been — skin tone, pores, everything,” she told Vogue. “Then I did Paleo, and what was interesting about Paleo was my skin wasn’t as good, but your weight drops.”

Hudson now supports her pregnancy with an eating plan that is similar to her mother’s in that she eats whole and healthy foods and affords herself little indulgences. “My whole thing is bodies are so different,” said the actress to Vogue. “We all set these standards of what we think is the perfect body, but we should be changing the dialogue to what makes you feel good.”

Hudson also remarked that she takes after her mother in another important aspect and she hopes that by following her lead she can continue to maintain an overall inner and outer beauty. “My mom’s always been a huge proponent for meditation,” shared the actress to Vogue. Through her own practice, she started to recognize the power of the brain through mindfulness teachings. “My mom never shoved it down our throats as kids; it was sort of like, ‘This is something that would be helpful for you.'”

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