Singer Brandy Shows Off Her Curvier Physique On Instagram, And Fans Love The New Look

Brandy has a new figure to show off, and fans seem to love it just as much as the singer does.

The R&B singer and actress sparked some pregnancy rumors when she shared pictures of her curvier physique on Instagram, but Hollywood Life noted that actress once known for being rail-thin had just put on about 40 pounds. Brandy has been sharing plenty of pictures of the new look, drawing plenty of positive feedback from her fans.

Brandy’s brother, singer Ray J, had opened up about her new figure back in March when the pregnancy rumors were hitting their peak. He explained in an interview with People magazine that Brandy “likes the weight” she put on, and the pictures show that Brandy is still just as healthy as ever.

Fans were supportive as well, filling her Instagram page with comments about how great — and young-looking — Brandy appeared in the pictures. Because she was so thin when she first broke into the industry, Brandy still looks far from being overweight, even with the larger frame, fans noted.

The singer has been quite open about what it’s like getting older in an industry that values youth, and where it can be especially difficult for women to find a place beyond a certain age.

“It’s a beautiful thing to grow and to see your face changing, and your body changing, and your mind changing,” Brandy said in an interview with Allure. “It’s inevitable, so I definitely embrace it. But staying fresh and being your best self, that’s what it’s all about. It’s about taking care of your health and being in the shape of your life, and eating the right way.”

Brandy has also been an advocate for greater diversity in the beauty industry, saying that makeup and skincare companies should look for women of all sizes and backgrounds.

“I think we need to continue to embrace everyone’s beauty. We’re all one, we’re all united, and that’s how life should be,” she said. “We should celebrate everyone, because everyone is beautiful in their own special way. No one is the same, so everyone should be embraced and celebrated.”

The pictures of Brandy’s curvier figure have not totally dispelled the rumors that the singer is pregnant, as some commenters have continued to question whether she is having a child. But Brandy seems happy with her figure, and fans seem to agree, so it doesn’t appear the rumors are much of a bother to her.

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