Apple Watch Series 4 Rumors: What We Know So Far

Apple hit gold when it released the Apple Watch. Each new iteration of the wearable introduces a device that is better than the last. With the introduction of WatchOS 5, fans of the wearable are wondering what features Apple will introduce next.

The latest news on the Apple Watch Series 4 was revealed by Fast Company. According to Mark Sullivan, who penned the article, the Cupertino-based company will be elevating the buttons on the popular wearable. The next Apple Watch will have solid-state buttons similar to the home button first seen on the iPhone 7.

The new button system will be supported with Apple’s Taptic engine and would theoretically respond to the user’s touch. It must be noted that the Digital Crown and side button will still be present on the device, but users will not be able to physically push the buttons.

Apple’s penchant for non-physical buttons is evident in its iPhone’s designs. Users saw a step away from physical buttons in the MacBook Pro in 2016 with the Touch Bar. The ideal device for Apple, it seems, is one with fewer physical buttons — as evidenced in its most advanced device to date, the iPhone X.

Besides the haptic buttons, Motley Fool believes that Apple could be thinking of using MicroLED for the face of the Apple Watch Series 4. The site explains that MicroLED is like OLED technology and could do wonders to the Series 4’s display. Another expected change to the Series 4 wearable would be an upgraded processor. The publication states that a faster processor would be ideal for future Apple Watches because new apps are being developed for the device every day.

As it stands, the WatchOS 5 that Apple unveiled in the 2018 WWDC introduced a number of innovative new functions for the wearable. Among the awesome news features were Automatic Workout detection, shortcuts for Siri, and limited support for WebKit which allows users to read full emails and click on links in the Messages app reported MacRumors.

Apple has opened its wearable to third-party apps now, so there is no telling what developers could come up with for the device in the future. The tech giant’s only possible response to reciprocate developers’ innovative apps is to provide better hardware, like faster processors.

Apple exceeded expectations last year when the California-based company sold 18 million Apple Watches, 54 percent more than the wearables sold in 2016. Jason Low, a Senior Analyst at Canalys, described the tech company’s triumph in a single sentence.

“Apple has won the wearables game.”

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