K. Michelle Reflects On Being A Restaurant Owner As She Preps To Open A Second Puff’s And Petals Lounge

K. Michelle reflects on her journey as a restaurant owner and what it has taught her. Michelle said that owning a restaurant has taught her patience. The singer said that she opened the doors to the establishment and refused to pay herself. Instead, she just continued to put money into the establishment because she wanted to create something long term for her family.

“We are preparing for our second location and one more on the way. July 23 is a major surprise and update 4 our customers. @harmonicstylez made this amazing new “Puff Punch” my ride or die guy always”

Puff & Petals is a “tapas-styled lounge” that serves “a variety of tapas and cocktails,” according to the restaurant’s website.

Singer K. Michelle is a gold-certified artist with four full-length albums, has earned a Soul Train Award for “Best New Artist” and is the star of the VH1 reality show, K. Michelle: My Life. In March of 2017, Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktails announced the launch of their newest flavor, Southern Peach, which was crafted in collaboration with K. Michelle. The R&B artist is the first African American ambassador for Jack Daniels, Atlantic Records reported.

K. Michelle has been updating fans on her silicone removal surgery since she announced that she would be removing her butt injections. Now, the final phase of her reconstructive surgery will be complete very soon. The singer admitted to obtaining a plastic surgery for the sake of a larger backside.

Initially, K. Michelle said that she made the decision to go under the knife due to major insecurities, following trends and because she felt that she needed to have a “huge butt” to receive love from others.

Last year, K. Michelle had a successful surgery to remove her butt injections. The singer revealed that the implants caused complications with her health. Back in April, The former Love And Hip Hop star underwent two emergency blood transfusions after the silicone spread to her legs, according to Ebony.

The “Rebellious Soul” singer showed off her body in an Instagram video revealing that she can now “actually fit into clothes.” K. Michelle wrote, “I still have my drains… Then I have one more surgery for reconstruction.”

Michelle said that this surgery will give her natural butt a lift and have her “summertime fine.” The former reality television star said that she is making daily progress and embraces her body without silicone.

K. Michelle said that she’s not perfect, but is getting healthier and happier by the day.

She first opened up about her surgery nightmare on the Dr. Oz show. The K. Michelle: My Life star later shared her plastic surgery struggles in a candid interview on The Real. It was here that she revealed her decision to get her butt implants removed. The “Kim K” singer warned that butt injections became a hazard to her health.

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