MacBook Pro 2018: Problems Apple Needs To Fix Before The Next MacBook Launch

Since the death of Steve Jobs, Apple seems to be having a hard time finding its footing, especially when it comes to its MacBook line. The Cupertino-based company may be doing a little better with its iPhone devices, but its laptop line is not doing as well.

In recent years, more and more Mac users have grown frustrated with Apple’s laptops. Several changes to the MacBook line have contributed to this growing frustration in customers.

New Software, Old Hardware

Recently a Mac-based software company named Rogue Amoeba shed some light on the state of the MacBook line in an article titled “On The Sad State of Macintosh Hardware.” Quentin Carnicelli, the author of the article, supports his claims with MacRumor‘s Buyers Guide, which outright recommends not buying any of Apple’s computers except the iMac Pro and Mac Pro.

The main reason MacRumors and Rogue Amoeba can’t recommend buying a Mac is because of the old hardware. Carnicelli believes that the dated hardware may not work well with Apple’s next MacOS update, Mojave, which could force users to buy the newer MacBooks. The latest line of Macs are not perfect in design and Apple seems to be ignorant of the issues.

Flawed Designs

Reports of Apple’s flawed designs have been showing up all over the internet lately. First, there was the butterfly keyboard problems, which led to not one but two civil lawsuits. There was also some speculation that the butterfly keyboard fiasco would be addressed at this year’s WWDC, but that event only focused on upgraded software. Hardware was never mentioned.

In more recent news, rumors have suggested that Apple would bring back the MagSafe connector to its MacBooks and MacBook Pros. Removing the MagSafe connector shocked many old Apple fans since it was once a big selling point for the old Macintosh laptops. Apple may be addressing this mistake with a dongle.

The next issue with Apple’s design revolve around its USB-C only ports. The 2016 MacBook, which only has one USB-C port, in particular seems like a glaringly obvious mistake.

Hardware Malfunction

The MacBook and MacBook Pro’s butterfly keyboards would fall under this category as well, since it does malfunction quite a lot. Unfortunately, the butterfly keyboard is the least of Apple’s problems.

According to Digital Trends, MacBook Pro users are also having problems with their Touch Bars. Apparently, the sensitive touch-based part of the Pro often freezes. When it does, users usually have to reboot their computers to fix it. It must be noted that Apple has yet to address this problem and that this could be a software issue.

The latest hardware malfunction and probably the biggest issue to date would be failure in the 13-inch MacBook Pro’s solid state drive and main logic board. As per MacRumors, if one of these hardware components fail, both of them need to be replaced simultaneously. Needless to say, because of this issue, Pro users are advised to back up their files regularly.

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