WWE News: The Undertaker Shows Up At Post Malone Show, Chokeslams Rapper, Smashes Guitars

It is now obvious that The Undertaker hasn’t officially retired from WWE or the ring as he’s had a couple of matches this year and is scheduled for at least one more already. Despite many saying that he was over the hill and too beat up to continue, it doesn’t appear as he’s yet ready to be done. That includes outside of the ring as the “Deadman” showed up at a Post Malone concert on Saturday night to enjoy some music, smash some guitars, and even chokeslam a famous rapper.

At WrestleMania 34, Taker returned for his first match in a year to easily defeat John Cena without any serious problems. Then, he took on Rusev in a Casket Match at the Greatest Royal Rumble and walked out of that event victorious as well.

Sure, The Undertaker likes certain things outside of the ring and he’s going to enjoy them as he’s worked hard to earn relaxation and a good life. That includes taking in some big concerts and he didn’t have to go far on Saturday night as Post Malone performed in Austin, Texas for a bunch of rowdy fans.

Dressed in his old biker gimmick clothing, which is more what The Undertaker is like in real life, the WWE superstar decided to get in on the action during the concert. As reported by TMZ Sports, Taker didn’t appreciate being bumped into backstage and he decided to do something about it.

As you can see in the video that was played for the crowd, Post Malone wasn’t overly happy with someone being in his way backstage. He didn’t realize it was The Undertaker who turned around and chokeslammed him to the ground, but the feed cut out before the impact.

It may be needless to say, but wrestling and music fans ate up this bit by The Undertaker and Post Malone. The situation was huge on Saturday night and it brought a lot of attention to every single person involved.

Later on in the night, Post Malone brought out 21 Savage to the stage and he came out with The Undertaker who made another appearance. This time, all three of them had guitars which they smashed into thousands of pieces on the stage much to the thrill of the crowd.

He may not appear regularly on WWE television, but The Undertaker is going to have another match when he takes on Triple H at the Super Show-Down in Australia this October. For now, he’s enjoying a very relaxed work schedule by living life and enjoying concerts like that of Post Malone. It just so happens that the former World Champion decided to mix his longtime profession with his love of music.

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