The Duggar Family Celebrates Father’s Day With New Photos Of Babies Gideon And Garrett

There is no shortage of babies when it comes to the Duggar family. Jim Bob may just make out like a bandit on Father’s Day since he has 19 kids, not to mention 11 grandkids. The TLC stars got together at the family compound to celebrate the special day with their dad. That means plenty of pictures were posted on the Duggar Family Blog, showing everyone having fun. That also means that new photos of baby Gideon and the newest bundle of joy, Garrett, were shown as well.

The photos revealed that a Father’s Day celebration took place at the Duggar house. Everyone looked to be accounted for, except for Jinger and Jeremy. She is heavily pregnant and most likely may not have wanted to take the chance of being too far away from their home in Texas. Fans were excited to get another glimpse of the two newest members of the family.

Joy Forsyth is seen standing next to her sister-in-law, Kendra. The two moms are each holding their babies in their arms. Little Gideon is now 4-months-old and hasn’t been seen in a while. Baby Garrett is only a week old and is bundled up tightly in Kendra’s arms. Jim Bob Duggar can’t seem to let go of his newest grandson. There are several snapshots of him carrying Garrett around.

Jim Bob wasn’t the only father who celebrated the day. The Duggar boys and in-laws who have helped to bring grandchildren into the world for he and Michelle to dote on were also on hand. Both Jill and Jessa took time out to praise their husbands for being such good dads to their sons. These two girls are much more into social media to share their family photos with Duggar fans than Joy and Kendra are.

This is also Austin and Joe’s very first Father’s Day as a new daddies. Baby Garrett’s official due date was on Father’s Day, but he came a week early. Now Joe gets to spend this day dedicated to dads with his son in his arms. That is if he can get the child away from his grandfather who looks like he has taken over babysitting duties for the day.

Even though baby girl Vuolo hasn’t arrived just yet, Jeremy still received a few Father’s Day wishes from fans on social media. This time next year he will be celebrating with his and Jinger’s daughter. In fact, you can bet that there will be more babies coming, maybe even another one when the next Father’s Day rolls around.

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