Farrah Abraham Compares Tonya Harding Attacks To Her Beverly Hills Hotel Experience

Farrah Abraham made an appearance on a podcast Friday night and compared her experience at the Beverly Hills Hotel earlier this week to Tonya Harding’s experience when Nancy Kerrigan was attacked in 1994. Radar Online reports that, while she was short on details about what took place in the early morning hours Wednesday, she had plenty to say about how unfairly she’s being treated and victimized because of her fame.

As the Inquisitr reported Wednesday, the 27-year-old reality television and adult film star was arrested around 1 a.m. Wednesday and was charged with hitting a security guard at the Polo Lounge in the Beverly Hills Hotel. Officers at the scene said Abraham appeared to be drunk at the time. Video of the incident shows her yelling profanities at the police and saying she was not resisting arrest and that they were hurting her. Farrah was eventually released on $500 bail and has been proclaiming her innocence ever since, claiming that she is being unfairly attacked because of her fame. She took to Instagram Thursday to sling mud at the hotel and the Beverly Hills police force. She said she was being treated like a punching bag, then went on to say,

“I will never believe the lies that people need to sell to make a dollar off me… I should never feel unsafe and be targeted at a hotel I’m staying at The Beverly Hills hotel truly allowed misconduct by staff…The Beverly Hills Police officers should stop having power trips and lying and selling stories to TMZ, while you let all of Beverly Hills be robbed, car break ins, stealing go on… focus on really protecting the public and doing good for Beverly Hills instead of creating made up problems.”


Abraham’s attacks continued on comedian/actor Stephen Kramer Glickman’s podcast Friday. He asked her to fill in some details about the incident, and Farrah responded with an overview of what happened. She mentioned that she went to a dinner meeting after being at the hotel all day. Abraham was probably referring to a meeting with Mark Cuban and Kate Neilson that she had posted about Tuesday.


She went on to say that after being outside with some friends for a few minutes, she was left outside when they went inside to the restrooms. It was then, she said, that she was “harassed by about four or five police officers and hotel staff… mostly in the valet area.” Farrah also described how she responded to the police, saying she let them look through her wallet and answered their questions. The former reality television star said it was when they saw her license and knew who she was that the harassment began. She told Glickman’s listening audience that she had gift suites and obligations to go to award shows and didn’t want any negativity overshadowing them.

In describing herself as a victim of unfair treatment, Abraham referred to a movie she recently saw, I, Tonya. She compared herself to Tonya Harding in multiple ways, including the fact that they both have experienced successful careers. She talked about how Tonya’s career was ruined by lies. She finished with, “I just really felt like, some of those attacks happened to me, and it’s really, really sad.”