Logan Paul And KSI Almost Come To Blows In Heated Press Conference To Promote Upcoming Boxing Match

Logan Paul and KSI, both well-known YouTube stars, are planning an amateur boxing match on August 25 in Manchester, England. On Saturday, the two held a news conference at LA’s Coliseum, where Paul couldn’t help but heckle KSI as he was talking, detailed the Hollywood Reporter.

Paul grabbed KSI’s blond wig and tried to swipe his bandana off his head, which was the last straw for KSI, who then attempted to punch Paul. The emcee was boxer Shannon Briggs, who along with the other men who swarmed the stage, helped keep KSI and Paul away from each other.

The two rivals also did some trash talking on June 13 at LA’s Warwick Club, as Paul insulted KSI.

“Your head is the size of a watermelon. I really can’t miss. I literally can’t miss. Dawg, your head looks like a hot air balloon. I can’t miss it,” Paul chided.

To that, KSI said, “Just wait ’til Saturday bro. Saturday bro. Saturday bro. Your mom’s going get it, your daddy’s going get it.”

Paul and KSI are both reportedly training for the celebrity boxing event. TMZ tracked down some footage of Paul’s training, during which Paul punched his sparring partner in the face.

Meanwhile, KSI is believed to be training at Floyd Mayweather’s gym in Las Vegas. KSI previously fought Joe Weller and won.

During the press conference, Paul taunted KSI once again.

“Who’s ready to watch me beat this man? Finally you look me in my eyes b****,” Paul said. KSI responded to Paul with some choice words of his own.

“I’m just happy I get the opportunity to punch you in the face. My state of mind is just to kill you; I’m going to end you… I think he’s got a soft chin, I’m going to crack his chin. His mouth is going to be hanging open.”

Everyone is waiting to see what actually happens at the boxing match. Tickets are not yet available for purchase, although many people are expected to attend.

Logan Paul previously received tons of negative press when he uploaded a series of videos during a trip to Japan. The most controversial video was of Paul walking through the Aokigahara National Forest, showing what appeared to be a dead body in the background. The forest is apparently known to be a common place for people to commit suicide. Paul also ran around Tokyo screaming, which people believed to be Paul taunting the Japanese culture.

YouTube temporarily de-monetized Paul’s channel, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

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