Kim Kardashian Hints At Potential Kanye West 2020 Campaign

It’s possible that Keeping Up With The Kardashians could move into the West Wing of the White House someday because Kim Kardashian could run for president, or more likely, her husband, Kanye West, might consider running.

Although CNN reported that Kim Kardashian said, “never say never” when asked about a possible run for president in the future, that is not exactly what the reality TV star meant. In an appearance on The Van Jones Show, she said, “that’s not going to be like, Kim’s running. That’s not where I am.”

Weeks ago, Inquisitr reported that Kim Kardashian visited President Donald Trump to discuss pardoning Alice Marie Johnson, and her visit must have worked because shortly after, the president pardoned Johnson, who served 21 years in prison. While the savvy businesswoman visited the White House, many people felt she might be sizing it up for her own possible future there considering Kanye West announced a presidential bid some years back, and it keeps coming up as a possibility.

The fact that a reality TV star like Donald Trump ran for and won the job of president of the United States makes Kim and her family believe the sky’s the limit.

“I know, that’s why Kanye loves him. It’s the idea that anything could happen,” she said, according to a People report.

The Kardashian sister’s recent foray into the political realm seems to have made her think about how much more everybody could accomplish through working together instead of everybody arguing all the time and being so partisan in government and society.

“I think sometimes if more people would just put their personal feelings aside and talk about really important issues that have to be discussed, then so much more can get done,” she said.

Using her celebrity to help bring attention to the plight of a woman like Alice Johnson left Kardashian feeling “fulfilled.” She plans to continue working to help others who might be in situations like Johnson.

Plus, it looks like Kim Kardashian would undoubtedly be willing to support Kanye West if he decides to make a bid for office anytime soon. The mother-of-three actually appears to be making more of a “presidential pivot” than either her husband or even Donald Trump have made in recent history. West remains outspoken on Twitter in his support for Donald Trump and his presidency, and it seems almost inevitable that the rapper will announce Kanye West 2020 or Kanye West 2024.

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