Paris Hilton Goes Braless For Milan Fashion Week

Paris Hilton is someone that’s never been afraid to wear as little as possible to keep her name in the press, and her recent appearance at Milan Fashion Week proves that old habits die hard for the former hard-partying heiress.

The Daily Mail has photos of Paris Hilton walking the red carpet to support her friend, designer Philipp Plein, in a skin-tight leotard that plunged well below her breast-line and showed the world that she did, in fact, not wear a bra for the event.

Later, she walked the catwalk in the outfit, dazzling onlookers, and fashionistas that came to watch the show from all over the world.

Pairing the outfit with black stiletto boots, Paris Hilton proved that even though it’s been a few years since she was a hot property in Hollywood, she’s still got all the right stuff that fashion needs, and wants.

She kept the crowd wowed with her clear, barely-there makeup and a pair of rose-colored sunglasses.

But all anyone could talk about at the event was the fact that Paris Hilton was wearing no bra.

While Paris Hilton certainly turned heads at the runway show, most of her fashion ambitions center on her upcoming line with British fashion company, BooHoo. According to Pedestrian TV, the woman who dubbed herself a “rich Barbie” in the early 2000s — only to be surpassed, later in the new millennium, by her former assistant, Kim Kardashian-West — has designed more than 70 pieces for the clothing company, and they all epitomize her unique fashion style.

That means, of course, that there’s a lot of pink, a lot of skin showing, and a lot of lack of self-awareness.

The best news about her line, of course, is that it’s affordable: none of the pieces in the collection will be over $100. However, quite a few feature her famous catch-phrases, like “That’s Hot.” There also seems to be a lot of leopard print, which is cute, in the right circumstances.

The BooHoo collaboration will be sold specifically to Australian customers. It’s unclear whether these pieces will be made available in the United States, or anywhere else in the world.

And of course, just as Paris Hilton is wont to do, she’s made herself the model in all of the pictures for the line, because she’s Paris Hilton, and because she can.

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