Lori Loughlin And Candace Cameron Bure Celebrate 30 Years Of Friendship With Sweet Photo

It’s hard to believe that Full House‘s Lori Loughlin and Candace Cameron Bure are already celebrating 30 years of friendship!

In a sweet post on her Instagram account from yesterday, Loughlin shared a photo of herself and Candace for fans. In the snapshot, the beautiful ladies are pictured up close and personal, both wearing huge smiles on their faces. Both ladies look dressed to impress with Lori in a sleeveless black top and gold necklace and Cameron in a white shirt with blue and yellow stripes and an orange blazer.

Both of the women wear their hair down with minimal makeup as they flash their pearly whites for the camera. In the caption of the image, Lori tells fans that she and Cameron are celebrating 30 years of friendship since first meeting on the set of Full House. It comes as no surprise that Lori’s picture has already received a ton of attention with over 107,000 likes as well as 600-plus comments.

Most fans were quick to comment on how beautiful the women are while countless others confessed that they were feeling major TV nostalgia.

“You guys were such a part of my childhood. I learned so much from Full House. It may be “old” but the lessons are timeless. I am glad they brought back the reruns.”

“Do you guys even age? You are both so beautiful inside and out,” another fan wrote.

As the Inquisitr reported last week, Lori Loughlin, aka Aunt Becky, shared a behind the scenes video of the first day back on set of Fuller House. In the video, Loughlin can be seen wearing glasses and overalls as she gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at her first day back on set. This included a tour as she passed parking spaces heading to the door at Stage 24.

“It’s always nice to come home,” she the actress told fans as she walked into the studio. From there, it cut to her exiting her dressing room, showing her fans the exact path that she takes downstairs to the stage to partake in the first run-through for that week’s episode. Andrea Barber, who plays the infamous Kimmy Gibler, as well as Jodie Sweetin (who plays Stephanie Tanner), and Bob Saget (who plays their father Danny), all can also be seen in the behind-the-scenes video.

As her followers know, Loughlin can often be seen posting both photos and videos of herself and her Full House family and the group seems to be an adorable and close-knit family.

Season four of Fuller House is expected to hit Netflix sometime this Fall.

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