‘Southern Charm’ Salaries, Who Makes How Much On The Popular Bravo Show

Southern Charm has just wrapped its 5th season, and it looks like a 6th season is likely, but just which cast members are getting a nice payday, and who is walking away empty-handed? Many of the cast members were financially comfortable before Bravo came to town, while others are certainly getting a big boost from the network’s paycheck.

RadarOnline breaks down what most of the Southern Charm cast take home in a given season. The cast of the Charleston-based show is not yet in the realm of Real Housewives money, but most are still taking home a tidy sum. This season, there are 14 episodes plus the reunion (which Andy Cohen says will likely be a three-parter, and there might just be a bonus episode).

RadarOnline says that each member of the cast of the hit show makes the same base salary of $25k per episode which means that each of their base salaries is $350k. It’s unclear if this is Naomie Olindo’s take home, as initially she was still considered a “friend of the cast,” like J.D. and Elizabeth Madison (but obviously, Naomie got a lot more screen time than most cast “friends”).


Each cast member makes an additional $60k for participating in the reunion (so Thomas Ravenel is down $60k from the rest of the Southern Charm cast. But Ravenel didn’t double his money by having his Season 5 girlfriend participate in the season as she did it without pay. While Thomas has joked that he does Southern Charm to pay his real estate taxes, recent court documents indicate that money from Bravo makes up half of his annual income (this doesn’t touch Andy Cohen’s annual take of $2 million).

Shep Rose was allegedly paid an additional $25k per episode for his spinoff, Relationshep, making him the clear winner at this time. Sources say that Cameran Eubanks also makes an additional fee to do many of the Southern Charm teasers and voice-overs.


Thomas Ravenel’s girlfriend desperately wanted to participate in the Southern Charm reunion, even though he was banned, as reported by the Inquisitr. But Ravenel’s frequent plus-one on the show did not get the cast rate of $60k to attend the Season 5 wrap up. In fact, a source close to production suggests that her NYC expenses were paid, and she got a small fee, considering her reputation got trashed along the way.

“Ashley was lowballed. They offered her next to nothing to film the reunion, but she wanted to go.”