NBA: Udonis Haslem Could Leave Miami Heat To Play In China Or Europe

Udonis Haslem spent 15 NBA seasons playing for the Miami Heat. The 38-year-old power forward has undeniably made a huge contribution in the Heat’s legacy, helping them win three NBA championship titles. Unfortunately, in the past three seasons, Haslem continues to receive a diminished role on the team which makes him decide to think of his NBA future this summer.

In a recent interview with Manny Navarro of Miami Herald, Udonis Haslem, who is set to become an unrestricted free agent this summer, revealed that the Heat still want him back. However, he opens up the possibility that he may already consider an NBA retirement to continue his basketball career overseas, preferably in China or Europe.

“Every time I talk to the guys they want me to come back,” Haslem said.

“But I don’t know, man. I’m just trying to have fun. I’ve got a lot of energy. It ain’t always getting exerted on the court. So I’ve got to figure out somewhere to put it. I’ve got game left in me. I might just go play in China or Europe or something. I’ve got some game left. I ain’t really trying to waste it too much more. So, we’ll figure it out.”

The Heat currently have a plethora of big men on their roster. Even if they succeed to move Hassan Whiteside this offseason, there is still no assurance that Udonis Haslem will be given enough playing time next season. Heat Head Coach Erik Spoelstra would prefer to use Kelly Olynyk and Bam Abedayo in his frontcourt and only play Haslem during garbage time. As of now, Haslem is only on the team to mentor Miami’s young player and provide a veteran presence in the locker room.

At 38, Haslem remains confident that he could still be a reliable contributor when he’s playing on the court. However, it is still a big question if there will be an NBA team who is willing to give an aging power forward like Haslem enough playing time, considering the fact that he’s a traditional big man who no longer fits in the modern NBA. It will be best for Haslem to push through with his plan to play overseas where he can continue enjoying the sports he loves rather than staying in the NBA spending the entire season sitting on the bench.

Aside from Haslem, Dwyane Wade is also expected to make a decision regarding his NBA future in the upcoming offseason. Haslem admitted that he’s having a daily conversation with Wade, and he is hoping that they could make the best decision together this summer.

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