Anderson Cooper Sings ‘Happy Birthday’ To Himself Every Time He Washes His Hands

Anderson Cooper has revealed that he sings “Happy Birthday” to himself, twice, every single time he washes his hands in the bathroom.

The reason for his odd singing choice? To help keep the flu germs away. The CNN host was chatting to the comedienne Rose Perez on his daytime chat show, Anderson Live, when he revealed his odd procedure to avoid catching an illness.

Perez was talking about how incapacitated she was when she recently caught the illness, which had swept over most of New York, when Anderson stated, “You should just wash your hands. You’re supposed to sing “Happy Birthday” twice while washing your hands. That’s the amount of time you’re supposed to wash your hands.”

Anderson then went on to add, “Literally, like a crazy person now every time I’m washing my hands I sing “Happy Birthday” to myself twice. At the men’s room in CNN I am singing “Happy Birthday” to myself and people walking though the bathroom like, ‘Why is Anderson Cooper singing “Happy Birthday” to himself, he must be very lonely, this is sad’.”

Perez then made the astute observation of, “Well, you don’t have to sing it aloud.” To which Cooper responded, “Well, I guess you’re right.” Before starting to laugh and adding, “I guess I don’t.”

Over the past few weeks Andeson Cooper has gone to extreme lengths to avoid becoming ill, and has even been given a flu shot live on air.

Do you have any bizarre techniques to avoid getting ill? Are you going to start sining “Happy Birthday” as you wash your hands?

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