Coco Austin Says Sharon Osbourne Has Been Her Idol For 18 Years, Praises Her ‘Business Tactics’

Coco Austin posted a photo of herself and Sharon Osbourne after watching Ozzy Osbourne perform in front of thousands at the Download Festival. Coco said that she couldn’t go to sleep without acknowledging and sending love to her idol, Sharon Osbourne, and her daughter, Kelly. Austin said that for 18 years, Sharon has been her idol and that her “business tactics are amazing.”

In 1970, 18-year-old Sharon met future husband, Ozzy, when he was 22-years-old. It was during this time that Black Sabbath kicked Ozzy out of the band due to drug use. Sharon is the daughter of former music promoter and rock and roll entrepreneur, Dan Arden.

Sharon took on a manager role and stuck by Ozzy to help launch his successful solo music career. The couple married on July 4, 1982.

From the start of their union, issues plagued Sharon and Ozzy. Over the years, reports of physical altercations between the couple supposedly took place regularly, according to the Daily Mail.

In 2002, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne hit the mainstream on MTV’s The Osbournes. The reality show was unlike any of its kind and was a hit worldwide. The Osbournes launched both Sharon and Kelly’s hosting careers.

A couple weeks ago, Coco Austin created tons of chatter across social media after posting a touching photo of herself while cradling her 2-year-old daughter, Chanel. The model sparked a debate when she revealed that she still breastfeeds her toddler, according to Entertainment Tonight. Coco, the wife of 60-year-old rapper Ice-T, said that she shared the photo because she was inspired by a community of moms on Instagram that share similar images.

“I follow some mother impowering pages here on Instagram and I love the inspiring pics they post showing the tenderness and love between a mother and child with or without nursing moments.”

The mother added that her daughter has made her a more sensitive person now that she’s older. Coco’s Instagram post garnered more than 2,000 comments and she was asked if she still nurses her daughter. The mother replied with “Yep,” and added that she nurses “for comfort now.”

The photo incited tons of chatter in Coco’s comment section. Some followers criticized Coco’s decision to continue breastfeeding, while others praised the mother’s choice to continue nursing. Moms then started sharing similar stories of experiences with their own kids.

Coco and her husband, Ice-T, also starred in the E! reality television series, Ice Loves Coco, which aired from 2011 to 2014.

In a July taping of Ice Loves Coco, the couple revealed they were expecting a baby. Shortly after their baby news, they revealed that they would be having a girl and surprised fans of the show with her name.

Chanel Nicole is Ice-T and Coco’s first child together. Ice-T is already a dad to two adult children, Tracy and Letesha, from previous relationships.

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