Tarek El Moussa Just Bought His Nanny A New Car

Tarek El Moussa just surprised his nanny with one of the most extravagant gifts ever: a luxury car.

According to People Magazine, Tarek El Moussa — one of the two co-creators of the hit HGTV show, Flip or Flop — took to Instagram to wish “Mossy” a happy birthday, and shared that he got her a new luxury Lexus SUV.

As for why he gifted Mossy with such a huge present, El Moussa said that it’s because she has the most “important job in the world” — namely, helping him raise his two children, Taylor and Brayden.

But this may not be a platonic gift. According to the Daily Mail, Tarek El Moussa admitted that he began dating “the nanny” after his split from Christina El Moussa.

It’s also unclear whether “Mossy” is Alyssa Logan, the 23-year-old who was originally helping Tarek with his two children. Tarek admitted that he dated Alyssa “for a month” after he and Christina split up, but confessed that it was just a rebound relationship, especially since Christina was dating Gary Anderson at the time, as well.

Tarek, at that time, said that he wasn’t seeing anyone, and that “it would be a long time” before he would be ready to be in a serious relationship with someone again.

Tarek El Moussa also admitted that he was told by friends that he shouldn’t be dating “the help,” so he fired her before he started dating her.

For her part, Christina El Moussa is completely unbothered by her husband’s actions, as she’s happily in a relationship with Ant Anstead, and has been for a number of months. The duo have gone on vacation together, and both seem to be equally enthralled by each other’s children.

As for why Tarek and Christina split in the first place, fans of the show know that police were called to the El Moussa’s home after the duo had a huge blowout fight. Tarek then ran out the back door of his home with a gun and tried to escape down a hiking trail. Christina emerged from the home shortly thereafter, trembling and crying.

Later, it was speculated that Tarek tried to harm himself and Christina too.

Tarek El Moussa, however, made clear that he had “no intention” to harm himself or Christina, or even their children, and just needed to “blow off some steam.”

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