‘Days Of Our Lives’ June 15 Recap: Theresa Solicits Sex, Ben Gains Ciara’s Trust As Search For Her Continues

Today’s June 15 Days of Our Lives episode concentrates on several key storylines. The daytime drama contained scenes this afternoon regarding Bella Magazine. Ciara is still in the cabin with Ben, and Lani and JJ sit down for lunch as he waits for Theresa to finish her discussion with Brady.

Brady and Theresa are discussing Bella magazine inside JJ’s studio apartment. Victor has given Bella magazine to Theresa and Brady wants it back. She is more than willing to hand the magazine back to its rightful owner and leave Salem, if Brady will have sex with her right there, right now.

“If you don’t feel a damn thing, you win and you can have Bella. I’ll walk out of your life forever.”

Theresa begs Brady to give her the chance to prove to him how much she loves him, claiming that Eve will never have to know. She believes that Brady still has feelings for her and pleads with him to give into the desire.

“I know that if that can happen just one time, you’ll remember that I’m the only woman in the world for you. I’m the woman that you’re supposed to be with.”

Brady continues to deny her but his resolve is weakening. At the moment when it seems Brady is about to cave, Eve shows up at JJ’s studio. Brady informs her of Theresa’s offer. Regardless of what Theresa is attempting to pull, Eve has come bearing some news.

It is revealed on today’s Days that Brady and Eve no longer need Bella Magazine. Eve has just met with Stefan DiMera and he has agreed to partner with them. Ciara will now be the new face of Gabi Chic.

Theresa flips out and threatens the couple. She announces war by stating, “It’s time for payback lovebirds.”

Claire and Tripp are worried sick over Ciara’s disappearance. Tripp takes off to look for Ciara and leaves Claire at the flat to wait for Ciara to come home. When he returns without finding her, Claire begins to panic. If she never sees Ciara again, Claire won’t be able to forgive herself for all of the pettiness they had between them.

Tripp doesn’t understand what Ciara suffered through and asks Claire to enlighten him.

Claire tells Tripp about how Chase kissed her and when she said no he didn’t stop. Claire admits that they went after Chase and tied him up so that Ciara could hurt him, just like he hurt her. That isn’t the type of person that she is, so instead, Ciara called her mom and Chase was arrested.

In previous episodes of Days of Our Lives, viewers watched as Ben carried Ciara off to the dark cabin in the woods. Fans of the NBC daytime drama have been wondering whether or not he plans on hurting her. Scenes from today’s June 15 episode suggest that he may have, in fact, regained his sanity.

At the end of yesterday’s episode of Days of Our Lives, viewers heard Ciara beg Ben to bring her a doctor for her leg. He claimed that he couldn’t get her help and Days fans wondered why. He can’t travel to town for help because he feels it’s too risky. He would have to hitch a ride and that wouldn’t go over well.

He takes off his belt and Ciara begins to panic. She asks what Ben is doing and he tells her that he is doing what he should have already done. At this point of the episode, Days viewers wonder whether or not Ciara is in danger. In truth, all Ben wants to set her leg and he asks that she trust him. If she doesn’t let him approach to help her, she runs the risk of losing her leg.

When his word isn’t good enough, Ben pulls a knife out of his bag. Panic is written all over Ciara’s face, however, Ben hands her the knife for protection and peace of mind. She takes the knife and agrees to let him help her.

He has to set her bone in place and it is going to hurt. Days of Our Lives viewers hear the bone snap and see the agonizing pain as she cries out. After setting her leg, he hands Ciara a canister and tells her to stay hydrated while he is gone. Ben is heading out the door when Ciara asks him to stay with her.

JJ is sitting at the pub when Lani enters, craving chowder. He approaches Lani and the two sit down at a table together for the first time since the baby’s paternity was made known. They discuss Theresa’s return to Salem and Lani asks JJ to be careful. She doesn’t want to see him get hurt.

“How could Theresa hurt me any more than you did?”

Lani is hoping that JJ can eventually find it in his heart to forgive her. He forgives her for sleeping with Eli but is having a difficult time getting over the lie that made him believe he was the father Lani’s baby. Of course, forgiveness isn’t completely out of the question.

JJ says he often wonders if he could sit on the sidelines and watching Lani and Eli make important decisions and raise the baby together. He admits that he is having a tough time getting his head straight. During their discussion, Lani experiences cramping and she believes she is spotting again. In the last scene of today’s Days of Our Lives, JJ suggests going to get everything checked out at the hospital. He believes Lani could be in pre-term labor.

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