Lamar Odom’s Father Bashes Bunny Ranch Owner Dennis Hof After GOP Primary Win

Lamar Odom’s dad, Joe Odom, slammed Bunny Ranch Brothel owner Dennis Hof after he won Nevada’s GOP Primary for state Legislature. In his win, Hof ousted three-term lawmaker. James Oscarson.

In 2015, Lamar Odom, then 36-year-old, nearly died at the brothel from a drug overdose, according to a Radar Online report. Of the Cathouse star, Joe told Radar, “He’s got a brothel, filled with crack heads, skinny a** busted prostitutes and now he’s running for office.”

Joe went on and said, “Dennis has got a lot of nerves. I don’t think he deserves to be in politics. He gave my son some chicks and hit him over the head for $75,000. Those girls weren’t worth $10.00.”

Lamar’s dad is not over the incident that nearly led to his son’s demise at the Bunny Ranch. He said, “He’s going to run Vegas’ economy into the ground, just like he did my son. I don’t like that mother f**ker.”

While the ranch is a business, it certainly isn’t a state, but far less experienced people have run for and won far bigger offices than a seat on the Nevada state Legislature.

Not surprisingly, Hof did not appreciate the strong words from Joe Odom. The 71-year-old GOP nominee explained that Joe had never even been to the Love Ranch, which meant he had no idea what type of women Hof employed there. Hof also couldn’t resist taking a swipe at Joe Odom’s education or lack thereof. He said, “I’d bet that the women who were there with Lamar at that time have 75-percent more education than Joe.” Hof probably hadn’t thoroughly fact-checked his statement, though.

As far as supplying drugs to his clients, Hof entirely denied that happened at his brothel. He said, “Lamar’s the one with the drug problem. We didn’t drug him, he drugged himself.” Ever the businessman, though, Hof explained, “That said, I still like Lamar and he’s welcome to return.”

According to a PBS report, Dennis Hof faces Democrat Lesia Romanov in November’s mid-term election. Because the Nevada Legislature is dominated by Republicans, Hof is favored to win the race despite his background as a pimp and owner of seven legal brothels in the state.

To celebrate his somewhat unexpected win, The Art of the Pimp author partied at Pahrump with Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss. He also credited President Donald Trump for being his “Christopher Columbus” and paving the road to politics for him.

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