Jessa Duggar Reveals Story Of Sibling Rivalry, Sparks Debate On Her Parenting Once Again

Jessa Duggar Seewald is on the hot seat again. What did she do that got people bickering? She posted a funny story about a little sibling rivalry between her two boys, Spurgeon and Henry. The reality star shared a long story on her Instagram on what happened when the kids wanted to play with the same toy. Most people thought it was cute and the reality of being a mother. However, others were angry that one of the boys got hurt in the process.

The Duggar daughter revealed that her youngest got hit in the head by a fire truck that he and his older brother wanted. Apparently, Spurgeon decided that he didn’t want to wait his turn to play with the fire truck, which seems to be the favorite toy lately. Jessa wasn’t in the room when all of this ruckus occurred, but she said that her mom detective skills had figured out the situation. The biggest clue was that the mark on Henry’s forehead matched the taillight of the truck.

After Henry started crying, that was when his 2-year-old brother realized that he was hurt, as told by their mom. He steered Henry towards his mama and said that he bonked his head. After seeing the mark on his face, it convinced Jessa to investigate. This incident that happened between her sons prompted many comments who told her that they can sympathize with her as they have been through the same experiences with their kids. However, there seems to be one or two people who disagree with how the Duggar girls raise their children.

One suggested that she keep better tabs on her kids and even said that maybe the Counting On star shouldn’t have any more children. That sparked her fans to come to her defense. The person who posted the negative comment about Jessa Duggar mentioned that she had a tragedy in her family that resulted in a baby’s death. So if that is indeed true, then that would certainly explain this person’s anger towards this sibling rivalry being taken too lightly.

Jessa also added to her story the fact that little Spurgeon is a lot like her when she was that age. She hinted that she was that kid and her rivalry included her little sister, Jinger Duggar.

“I’ve always heard it said, ‘What goes around, comes around.’ I’m am 100% sure that???????? is my offspring, because that was totally me in my toddler days. @jingervuolo, thank you for always loving me and being my BFF, even when I was THAT KID! This gives me confidence that my boys will continue to be best friends forever.”

Spurgeon and Henry are just the start of this growing family. Ben and Jessa had previously revealed that they want to adopt kids in addition to having more of their own.

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