WWE Releases Rare Kenny Omega Match, And Sid Vicious Reveals The Only ‘Real Mistake’ He Made In Pro Wrestling

Former WWE and WCW champion Sid Vicious, also known as Sycho Sid and Sid Justice, recently revealed the only real mistake he made in professional wrestling. Standing in at six-feet, nine-inches tall, and weighing over 300 pounds, Sid Vicious was one of the most dominating superstars in the WWE and WCW throughout the late ’80s and ’90s.

The former six-time world champion is a former member of the Four Horsemen, and he had memorable feuds with some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Hulk Hogan, Sting, Kevin Nash, and the Undertaker. As seen in the video below, Sid recently appeared on the podcast, Prime Time with Sean Mooney.

Sean Mooney brought up the first time Vicious ever went to the WWE, and Sid described it as his biggest mistake. Dusty Rhodes was the booker at the time in WCW, and the wrestler revealed that Dusty had big plans for Sid, and that he was “going to be everything.” Vicious told Mooney that he was making $250,000, which only a few people in WCW earned at that time, and they offered to double his earnings at $500,000. But because he was legally allowed to contact the WWE, Sid ended up on a plane and met with Vince McMahon in person.

As Wrestling Inc transcribed, Sid revealed the details of that meeting.

“[Vince] sits down and says, ‘Well, Sid, we don’t give guaranteed money, but here’s the magic wand. You tell me what you want,’ and I said, ‘I want Hogan’s spot.’ He said, ‘It’s yours.’ … I wondered what kind of money we are talking about and he talked about merchandising and what WrestleMania would bring and things like that. He said WrestleMania would bring is the same that I would make in a year at WCW. He suggested that, he didn’t say for sure.”

The former world champion went on to explain that WCW got wind of this, and they upped the ante to $750,000 guaranteed. He decided that he should sign with World Championship Wrestling, but McMahon reached him on the phone before he signed. Vicious says that Vince told him he would never get the opportunity he offered him again. The former champion said he decided to take a chance with the WWE, and he remarked that it was a “big mistake.” In the interview, Sid claims he made $150,000 at WrestleMania, and that he doesn’t think he made $750,000. He reiterated that it was a huge error, and the only “real mistake” he made in the business.


In other wrestling news, Kenny Omega has once again been plugged by the WWE. As the Inquisitr reported previously, Omega and The Young Bucks were recently promoted on the company’s website for their video game battle with The New Day. This struck many fans and pundits as odd because the company rarely mentions wrestlers from other promotions unless they have a big interest in them, especially a top draw for another promotion. But the overall feeling was that the WWE did this just because it was a fun and unique event that was happening.

WWE has once again advertised Omega by releasing a match of his that took place 12 years ago. As WWE.com reported, a rare match and promo of Kenny Omega has been released as part of the Hidden Gems collection on the WWE Network. The contest featured is between Kenny and Cru Jones from a 2006 match for Deep South Wrestling. WWE.com has advertising this as, “Kenny Omega makes his first appearance on WWE Network.”

While this may just be a way for the company to capitalize on Kenny Omega’s popularity and success, it could also be a signal that he may end up in the WWE sooner than fans expect.

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