Bethenny Frankel Dragged On Twitter For Insensitive Comment To Jill Zarin After Bobby Zarin’s Death

Last night on The Real Housewives of New York, fans remembered Bobby Zarin, the late husband of former cast member Jill Zarin. The beginning of the episode was dedicated to Bobby’s funeral, which cameras were not allowed in for, but caught people coming in and out of his memorial service. Cameras managed to get a brief exchange between former best friends Jill and Bethenny Frankel. The two women shared a hug and a few words before departing, but something Bethenny said did not sit well with viewers at home.

Bethenny is now being dragged on Twitter by angry fans who believed she was selfish and completely insensitive to Jill’s feelings. The moment that has fans in a tizzy was when Jill cried that she was now alone and didn’t know what to do, and Bethenny responded that she was alone too. Fans felt like Bethenny had made a very sad situation for Jill about herself and made an unfair comparison.

“Who says ‘I’m alone, too’ to a woman who has just lost her husband?” one fan tweeted.

“Bethenny turns everything into a competition. ‘You’re alone?! I’M ALONE TOO! I’m even more alone because I was alone first. You’re grieving? I chartered a private plane to grieve. I’m the grieve-iest,'” another added.

There were dozens upon dozens of tweets from fans about Bethenny’s “I’m alone too” comment, which gained thousands of likes combined. Fans used gifs and emojis to explain their frustration over the comment, one of which included Dorinda Medley.

Earlier in the season, Dorinda exploded on Sonja Morgan over the different ways they lost their husbands. Dorinda’s husband died, while Sonja was only divorced. After Sonja described her divorce as a horrible loss, Dorinda got heated saying you couldn’t compare the two situations. It’s a situation that could very well be paralleled to Jill and Bethenny’s conversation.

Several fans pointed this irony out in their own tweets, saying Bethenny was rude for saying she was alone as she had only been divorced and it wasn’t a fair comparison.

“This isn’t about you Bethenny! Your husband didnt die, you [sic] divorced,” one fan tweeted.

Bethenny’s comment to Jill has turned more fans against the Skinny Girl mogul. “Team Bethenny” is shrinking by the day, and more people are turning towards “Team Carole.” The demise of Bethenny and Carole Radziwill’s friendship has been the center of the current season of RHONY and each episode fans are finding new ammunition to join Carole’s side and leave OG Bethenny behind.

RHONY airs every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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