Tristan Thompson Reportedly Looking Forward To Khloe Kardashian Moving Back To L.A. So He Can See His Mistress

Tristan Thompson is reportedly counting down the days until Khloe Kardashian heads back to L.A. so that he can spend time with his mistress, Lani Blair.

According to a June 14 report by Radar Online, Tristan Thompson is telling Khloe Kardashian that she needs to head home to California to spend some much needed time with her sisters and mother. However, he’s allegedly secretly planning to bring his mistress, Lani Blair, to Cleveland while Khloe is away.

Sources tell the outlet that Tristan Thompson wants some time away from Khloe Kardashian so he can see Lani Blair. As many fans may remember, Tristan was busted cheating on Khloe back in April when photos and video of him kissing and touching other women surfaced online just days before Khloe gave birth to their daughter, True. Lani Blair was one of the women in the photos, and she’s become a staple in the tabloids following the scandal.

“Tristan’s so sneaky. He wants Khloe to have a break from motherhood and go back to LA for a week or two to be with her family. He’s telling her she deserves some girl time with her sisters, cocktails in the sun and the warm LA weather. The truth is, Tristan wants some time away from Khloe so he can be with Lani,” one source revealed.

To make matters worse, Tristan Thompson is allegedly telling Khloe Kardashian to return to L.A. to get a break from being a mom, reportedly offering to keep baby True in Cleveland with him, and Lani if she comes to stay.

“He told Khloe he’ll take care of all her expenses and take care of baby True in Cleveland and wants to put Khloe on the next private jet to L.A.”

The sources add that Tristan has been missing the fun times he used to have with Lani, and that she “makes him feel good,” and since he’s not “in the mood” to deal with Khloe at the moment he wants to use Lani to take his mind off of the stress in his life.

“He misses those fun times and Lani makes him feels so good. He wants that type of comfort right now, especially since he just lost the finals. He’s not ready or in the mood to deal with Khloe, hear her run her mouth or work on their relationship just yet,” the insider claims.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Khloe Kardashian’s mother, Kris Jenner, recently revealed that Khloe and baby True were coming home to L.A. very “soon” and it seems that Kardashian won’t be going anywhere without her daughter in the near future. As for Tristan Thompson, it remains to be seen whether or not he’ll accompany Kardashian back to Cali.

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