‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Carly Doubts Herself, Valentin Keeps Trying With Nina, & Jason’s Plan Progresses

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday’s show reveal that viewers will get big progress on multiple storylines. Carly is struggling to adjust to being at Ferncliff and Jason is continuing his fight to get her home. Nina has told Valentin that their marriage is over thanks to his shenanigans with Peter, but he’s not giving up yet. What else is on the way with the June 14 episode?

Viewers watched on Wednesday as the nurse at Ferncliff forced Carly to take anti-psychotic meds and General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps hint that she’ll be struggling a great deal during this next show. She’ll seemingly battle with some confusion and she’ll come to question whether she can trust her own instincts.

Previews via Twitter show Carly calling Jason’s name as she looks out into the hallway. Jason has been working on a sneaky plan to start working at Ferncliff as a janitor to get access to Carly. It may be that she will truly see him, as he’s moving forward on this as quickly as he can. However, she will also probably doubt herself and what she’s seeing since she doesn’t know about his plan.

Nina is standing firm with Valentin that she’s through with their marriage due to what she learned about his connection to Peter. However, she’s now keeping her own secrets about Peter and General Hospital spoilers suggest that this could come to play a role in what comes next in their relationship.

Valentin has not accepted that it’s impossible to repair his relationship with Nina and General Hospital spoilers detail that he will try to talk through all of this again with Nina during Thursday’s episode. However, it looks like he still has his work cut out for him on this front.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Kiki will be startled in some way and previews show her in a confrontation with Dr. Bensch. Franco blew up when he encountered the doctor during Wednesday’s show, but General Hospital spoilers hint that Bensch will continue to manipulate Kiki and play with her mind to a degree.

Alexis will meet with Kevin again and she’ll continue to wonder why she continues to make such bad decisions when it comes to men. Kevin’s got his work cut out for him here, that’s for sure, but fans are glad that Alexis is trying to take a step back and work on herself before jumping into another relationship.

Sam will talk with Curtis about a potential plan for getting Peter out of town, and Franco will plead with Elizabeth to explain what’s going on with her. This is surely connected to her resistance to having her extended family attend their upcoming wedding and her determination that he not get involved. There have been a lot of references to Liz’s sister Sarah lately and that has fans wondering if a new Sarah might be popping up soon.

This summer will be sizzling with hot storylines for everybody in Port Charles and General Hospital spoilers tease that there are big developments on the way that fans won’t want to miss. The chaos continues weekdays on ABC and it sounds as if there’s something for everyone in the episodes ahead.

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